BUM WORKOUT FOR WOMEN AT HOME| Exercises for a bigger butt

15 minute Butt and Leg workout! Exercises for a bigger butt at home. How to get a hourglass figure in 3 days http://bit.ly/2AGxL0K
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5 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout: http://bit.ly/2CQqmQm
Exercises For a Rounder Butt! – by Vicky Justiz: http://bit.ly/2CPs0BQ
Best Butt & Thigh Workout At Home No Equipment: http://bit.ly/2qGAsPh
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HI CHICAS!!So I hope these 15 minute butt and thigh workout was helpful for you! If you like the format of me doing the complete workout so you guys can follow along thumbs up this video! If you want to see more butt workouts at home or butt workouts at the gym let me know below and I will hook you up with more exercises for a bigger butt. Remember like I said that if you are trying to GAIN a booty you have to use weights and eat a lot of healthy food. If you don’t use weights and eat a ton while you’re doing your butt exercises you will just tighten/perk up the butt you already have. Work hard queens I believe in you!!Lets get our boys ready for spring time!!!
Hey i also have a couples vlog channel with my bf!➡️ https://youtu.be/bFNYfwSO-LY

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34 Responses

  1. It's Alli says:

    💕Trying to decide on what to call you guys because you’re all AMAZING and some of you have already voted but I need more votes! Do you like Chicas or Queens better for the name of our squad? So far Chicas is winning!!

  2. Proteines are necessary??

  3. I started this workout and I was about to quit and give up but your motivation kept me going! I love your videos! 💛

  4. KO O says:

    Just did this work out now and some squats with dumbells omg my bum and legs ache !

  5. does this workout give you bigger thighs too ?

  6. the workout ive been looking for, from the best person out there!🥇💞

  7. amourjennie says:

    i have done this workout for a week now! I also have been doing two other ones and my booty is way rounder now :)!

  8. Good video but u should work on the editing a bit more as the frequency and speed of the jump cuts are a bit distracting. All that being said congratulations on 100k subs

  9. U look fine thoooo gurllll yass susss😂😂😍

  10. I need this my booty lil ,but it’s something there 😂😂.

  11. Luzelle Rosa says:

    I already seen 1 of your videos and I just love ur personality and just the luv the channel

  12. my ass felt weird after this lol, HOPEFULLY I REACH MY BOOTY GOAL❤❤❤

  13. how am i watching this video trying to get a bigger butt but she’s flat 💀

  14. Great workout. The fact that someone can easily follow along with you is a big plus. If anyone wants to know what foods they should eat after doing a butt workout I just uploaded one to my channel.

  15. M says:

    I want to start working out BUT I have reaaaally soft thighs (and i like that) (a lot) so I'm scared that they will get a lot stronger, tougher and bigger, and all the softness will disappear if I start. :c Soo I'm asking you for help.
    Do you know some workouts that will keep my soft thighs and also improve my figure?

  16. I need an abs version of this!

  17. Ida Kruse says:

    Omg 100k congrats

  18. Abia-kyarna says:

    Great workout plus I really need the motivation 😻👏👣

  19. Great Channel and video ideas

  20. Zoe Laz says:


  21. Sophia Day says:

    I’ve actually been doing this workout for months now and it works soooo well

  22. Thank you soo much girly i was hoping you would do one ♡

  23. hazel bean says:

    Where did you get the leggings?

  24. Alexz says:

    Can i grow booty without weights for a long time?

  25. yes boo boo slayyyyy

  26. Your body is poopin boo😍😍🍑🍑❤️❤️ love you Alli

  27. Bri Flo says:

    Wow its crazy because thats my current workout routine❤❤

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