3 minute Intensive Fat-loss routine

This routine burn more calories than a 5k run!

Do 4 rounds!

Beginner please follow the alternate version.

My full training guide to build a lean muscular body: www.ironmastery/live

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41 Responses

  1. ariel rivera says:

    Is it ok if i wanna do this every day?

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  3. David Durden says:

    Nice bro, I made my own tabata routine, a lot of legs exercises, really hard, try it – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4ILT5vMh-g

  4. Otosah says:

    Amazing, I did 4 rounds

  5. Tell how increase a jump

  6. I worked 2 months to reduce 3 kilograms and ate 2 weeks to gain 4 kilograms. I am so frustrated.

  7. Clara M says:

    >>2323>> Do This 11-Secondddd DEEP Detox In the Morning to Burn More Fatttt > https://t.co/ulDqhr6avk?decer45ty77hh >>>555>>

  8. Medics321 says:

    For how long to follow this routine(HIIT ??)…if getting results..
    This programme lead to muscle loss ????
    Is it right to follow this after achieving desired goals…

  9. thiti siri says:


  10. Suranga Upul says:

    It's really working bro thank you very much!!!

  11. jezbitsurco says:

    Thank you… How much time you recomend between beginer and advance?

  12. bro how can i make my chest like yours??
    i am 16yrs old and 70kg .
    i am waiting for your reply……

  13. Dev Kumar says:

    Please share your daily diet plan

  14. Jun Cho says:

    1분 이내에 죽을 자신있다

  15. X-SCLX says:

    I’ve been doing 4 sets of this every other day for 2 months and with other gym exercises beside I have actually got a Six pack and i have also seen my chin get more in shape by doing this! Thank you so much!!

  16. Love this Video ! watch it every DAY at 7! :))))

  17. dobo dobo says:

    oh god , It's pretty hard core training

  18. Jasmit Singh says:

    Is this mortal combat , 😀

  19. Yuanhao Dong says:


  20. markusgander says:

    Thx for this workout
    I am almost breathless 😂😂😂

  21. Doge Derpson says:

    my fat ass can't even carry my body😂😂

  22. Doge Derpson says:

    watching this while eating is a bad idea

  23. man 20 says:

    it is really effective and powerful !

  24. George David says:

    Dude not only some of your routines are "funny" and useless but the pause should be 30 seconds not 10! You're killing yourself (trust me, I was in special forces when I was younger).

  25. jonnamaestro says:

    Its not a 3 minute routine if ur gonna repeat it 3-4 times, everybody clickbaits everything now adays fuck

  26. Eat 150g. Of This exotic fat-burning fruit daily. To Burn more belly fat every 24 hours http://bit.ly/2HcDtyn

  27. md arbaaz says:

    done 3 rounds it's intense

  28. J'aimerai pas être le voisin du dessous loool

  29. JVCedits says:

    About 9 months ago I watched this video and decided to try it out. I did it every other day adapting it as I went along changing some exercises and increasing the intensity. I’ve lost 30kg (110kg—>80kg) and have recently started going to the gym so if anyone is having doubts… IT DEFINITELY WORKS just be patient. First time I did it I couldn’t move for about a week 😂😂😂😂 cheers dude I’ve never felt so healthy!

  30. Henry kirya says:

    The caption at the end that reads " rest for 2 mins repeat another 3 to 4 rounds"
    I changed mine to read " rest 1.5 WEEKS then repeat one round " phew!"

  31. hung ngo says:

    how many calories does it burn per minute?

  32. Waste of time. You actually believe this causes fat loss? You're an ass for not educating people properly.

  33. man fuck this shit just grab the weights and pullup bar and you'll see the results

  34. md arbaaz says:

    Did 3 …nasty✌

  35. How many calories does five rounds of the modified version burn?

  36. Sweet I'll be trying those 💪😎thanks

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