Kegel Exercises Beginners Workout For Women

Kegel exercises Physical Therapist workout for women from Episode 4 in this ‘How To Kegel’ series guides you through a beginners workout to help you strengthen your pelvic floor at home.

This kegel exercises video guides you through a complete beginner’s pelvic floor workout with kegel exercises cued and performed lying down.

‘How to Kegel’ Health Professional Series:
Episode 1: What is a Kegel?
Episode 2: How to feel your Kegels
Episode 3: How to Kegel with correct technique for strength
Episode 4: Beginner’s Kegel workout
Episode 5: Advanced Kegel workout

Michelle Kenway is a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, author of Inside Out – the essential women’s guide to pelvic support. Find her books and women’s pelvic floor safe workout DVD’s at

Key Points for Beginner’s Kegel Exercise:

– Start with gentle exercises
– Hold or maintain the kegel for as long as you can up to 10 seconds at a time
– Use the correct kegel technique lifting and squeezing your pelvic floor muscles in and around all three pelvic openings and then relaxing and letting go
– Rest between exercises to allow sufficient time for your pelvic floor muscles to recover for your next attempt
– Kegel exercises performed in prone laying down position can help women increase pelvic floor strength and awareness of contraction in and around the urethra (urine tube).

Kegel Exercise Position 1

Lying down prone use a pillow under your hips especially if you are susceptible to low back pain. Alternatively lie on your side for these exercises if lying prone is uncomfortable.

Perform 3-4 kegel exercises up to 4 seconds each using correct and gentle technique, relaxing and allowing your pelvic floor muscles to recover between each exercise attempt.

Next perform 4 fast kegel exercises in this position to complete your set of exercises.

Kegel Exercise Position 2

Lying prone with one leg bent and out to your side (only for women without hip problems).

Perform up to 3-4 kegel exercises up to 4 seconds for each exercise, relaxing and allowing your pelvic floor muscles to recover between exercises.

Next, repeat 4 fast kegels in succession to complete this set of kegel exercises.

Kegel Exercise Position 3

Position yourself on all fours resting your forehead onto your forearms. If your knees are sore or prone to pain, lay on your side or on your tummy as shown in Position 1.

Perform 3-4 Kegels up to 4 seconds each, with the correct technique, again relaxing and resting between each exercise.

Finish with 4 fast quick pelvic floor contractions to complete your kegel workout.

For more pelvic floor strengthening kegel exercises check out Episode 5 in this ‘How to Kegel’ series.

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45 Responses

  1. Loli Sierra says:

    What exactly do you squeeze and lift?

  2. Tilly Mhame says:

    Getting bored with this video talking too much

  3. Lisa Lloyd says:

    Thank you so very much!

  4. puja verma says:

    Hiiii…. Will these exercises help me to tight my vagaina.. And after how much time… I can see the results… And also tell me it should be permanent orr temperory… Please reply.

  5. c'est moi says:

    this kind of exercise has made my vagina ridiculously tight. i have been doing them for years. i do it in the car when im driving to the beat of music on the radio, or just hold it tight from on light to the next. it works really fast. Do it while sitting and eating, watching tv, just squeeze and release again and again or squeeze and hold for as long as you can. you will notice how tight you are inside in about ten days, and it gets really really tight too.

  6. What is the exercise for tilted utherus?

  7. how long before you see results

  8. samia masoom says:

    I have uterus prolapse grade 2…..hope it will help me out.

  9. None None says:

    Can you do these exercises while sitting? Also, are you supposed to feel sensation in your vagina area? Arousal?

  10. Will these exercises help to reduce queefing? Also, I'm sorry if I missed you're answer to this, but what is the maximum number of times I can repeat this exercise sequence daily? Thank you so much for these videos they are incredibly helpful! 😊❤️❤️

  11. Can you do kegels during the period?

  12. Where do I find the first session on through this one?

  13. S K says:

    does it get easier the more you do it?

  14. Charu Gulati says:

    It will help to tighten the vag and regrain virginity??

  15. Hawa Ajanaku says:

    does it cure or heal prolapse of the uterus?

  16. Hawa Ajanaku says:

    does it cure or heal prolapse of the uterus?

  17. Tasha K says:

    does this help with recti diastasis?

  18. Does virgin girl can do it ? Also if I do how many time in day or week ? Thank you

  19. are these good for when you have vaginismus ???

  20. Angel Eyes says:

    Amazing!!! I did this while I was sited the whole time and I really felt a difference. Thank you!!! A weird thing does happen every time I do a proper lift. . . . I burst out giggling. I can't help it. . . SO WEIRD!!!!
    The tip about the inward curved back is KEY.

  21. that is greate! but i would like also the one for the men

  22. Abby Jade says:

    I just did this for the first time and I felt that I could feel and do the kegels best when I was on my knees. Do these exercises help with pain during a pelvic exam? Like even when they just put the speculum in it hurts to the point where I get dizzy and nauseous.

  23. I can't seem to do it. I don't know what I'm lifting or squeezing and when I do squeeze I can't hold. I haven't had sex in 4 years and it's like my insides have dropped and my vagina inside always gets swollen and sore to the point I can't touch it. I also get a swollen stomach too

  24. Thanks Michelle. I keep watching these video as reference and motivating guide.

  25. I was doing kegels before I even knew what they were, I like to hold my urine overnight,on purpose. so if kegels are peeing then stopping the flow of it then holding pee to begin with is kegels also.

  26. I look up other kegal exercises. I felt other videos wasn't working until I look up your video. The exercises r very easy to do. You're really good at explaining things. I have to say I can really feel it in vagina area. So thank you

  27. I look up other kegal exercises. I felt other videos wasn't working until I look up your video. The exercises r very easy to do. You're really good at explaining things. I have to say I can really feel it in vagina area. So thank you

  28. The audio is terrible. Hopefully will get to the end of the video.

  29. hi Michelle, can you do bhangra dance exercises when you have your vaginal wall fallen?

  30. Hi Michelle, for beginners how long should i do these exercises before moving to the advance ones?

  31. Hi Michelle – How do I maintain the squeezing when needing to take another breath? It's hard not to release a little on the exhale before the next inhale.

  32. Paigenicole says:

    I feel like I'm squeezing my butt? Am I doing it wrong?

  33. mahalo for this very informative exercise, although i did have a question regarding breathing: Can i still breathe throughout the contractions? or do i hold my breathe until ready to release?

  34. Does this help with incontinence

  35. does this helps with tightening your vagina also or its just for bladder problems

  36. Hello Michelle i want to try these exercises as i am experiencing urinary incontinence and always feel the urge to goto urinate every 10-15 mins if i drink lots of water. will these exercises help with my bladder.. also forgot to mention i am post hysterectomy 10 months ..

  37. H Snyder says:

    what are you squeezing ??

  38. Hello Michelle can this exercise help to ease labor pains in pregnancy?

  39. Hi. I'm only 18 and I want to try this. Is this suitable for me? And I cant get the lift and squeeze easily. I mean, how to do it? Should I just breathe in and out? Hope you reply to my comment. Thanks. 😊

  40. easy to follow instructions.

  41. Yoshi Stoner says:

    Do kegel exercises help with pregnancy incontinence? I'm 38 weeks and it's giving me a really hard time and I read kegels can help

  42. Eva Pardillo says:

    Hi maam michelle.. Im happy that u posted video tutorial for the women who need help about on how to kegel exercise .but maam im from phil.
    And i wanna ask u favor , can u send me the video on how to do it inside ..whats happening inside .. I dont know how to do it seriously…

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