PUMP UP YOUR BOOBS | Chest Workout for Women

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Hello my strong strong friends!
In today’s video, I’m taking you all through a chest workout. Building up your upper body can help round off your shoulder caps, give the appearance of a smaller waist, and building up the chest specifically can build mass to improve posture and give the appearance of bigger boobies.

Of course, for any powerlifters out there, building your chest and improving your pushing muscles will help massively in the bench press, and are essential to rounding out your total.

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Let’s get into the workout:

1. Single Arm DB Floor Press
– 1×10/side
– 1×8/side
– 1×6/side
Ascending weight each set
60-90s rest

– You’ll notice more activated pec isolation with the single arm variation, and I like to do this from the floor for a more stable surface and controlled range of motion.

2. Feet Up T-Shirt Press
– Work up to a heavy 1×5 or 5RM
– Then Back down -15% for 3×7
– 90-120s rest

– First I want to address the powerlifter arch that we commonly see, and I wanted to discuss my form in particular and why it looks the way it does. Women often get called out for their arch because of individual shape. You can see in my demo here, that based on my points of contract in the standard bench press, that my arch mainly follows my natural shape. All lifters should retract their shoulder blades when bench pressing, which will heighten the arch a bit more. And when my hips are down, it heightens again.

– The feet up variation a great way to practice scapular retraction in the bench press without needing to focus on leg drive.

– Still retract the scapula to get in a safe position and keep the focus on staying tight off your chest

– This type of press is one where you just barely touch your t-shirt (or sports bra) when lowering the bar each rep. The reason for doing this is that you’ll get more control and time under tension, and you’ll be able to practice staying tight off your chest.

3. Push Up Progression (2 rounds)
– AMRAP x feet elevated
– AMRAP x flat
– AMRAP x hands elevated (or from the knee)
– Nonstop through the progression (no rest until the full set is done), rest 60-120s rest between rounds

– Be sure to squeeze your core and butt so that you’re not cheating any of these reps, because once you’re gassed and can’t do another rep, you go straight into a drop set, with standard push ups.
– Repeat that process and do as many as possible the the standard position, and then again with either your hands elevated or on your knees.

– Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds so that you’re refreshed, but realize you might not be able to do as many as round 1.

4. Incline DB Fly Stretch
– Use a weight you can hit for a challenging set 6-8 Incline DB Flys
– Perform for a hold for max time in a deep stretch
– Do 2 rounds
– Rest 30-60s rest between rounds

– Stay tight on this maintain tension in the stretch
– Use a light weight for this one, no need to go crazy heavy!

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37 Responses

  1. Link Lo says:

    I have been working with a personal trainer for 2 months,and have noticed building my pectoral muscles has made my boobs look alot better! I have lost damn near a cup size from weight loss but the muscle gain makes it less noticable from the front at least 😏
    glad to see another woman discuss this topic! <3

  2. Laura Braga says:

    Try this: Go to a wide stance plank, go down as if you are doing a press up, and just hold for 30 breaths (about a minute). I DARE YOU. 😉

    + Girls shouldn't avoid upper body workout cause it helps her boobies look bigger! That is just fucked up.

  3. You should definitely make more of these! I love the tips ☺️

  4. TITTAS lol i had to comment that

  5. Steve Graves says:

    and hello to you my strong strong friend 😉😉 thanks for this video, cuz I have a female friend who's just getting ready to work out with me and I needed some advice on how she can do chest with me!! stay awesome and beautiful 👍

  6. jessa444 says:

    Team medium tiddies!!!!! Love this workout Meg! Always helping me find new ways to improve my workouts!!! Love yah girl!

  7. Jessica M says:

    good workout and excellent explanation! keep up the workout videos. love them

  8. Montse G says:

    I just tried this workout and I swear I haven’t had a chest pump this good in MONTHS!!

  9. In the last few videos it’s been bum and boobs. I like where your taking this channel meg.

  10. The dialogue audio level drops when it gets to the workout.

  11. s.k .m says:

    your boobs are great. I have just started training and I am bottom heavy but I have wide shoulders but these small boobs. sucks but these exercises will be great it'll be better than getting fake boobs

  12. rob roberts says:

    No byeeeee! At the end. 😔

  13. Since I've started training I've lost boob size, but I can honestly say that growing the muscle under what boob I have left has made it look like I still have a decent sized rack. I definitely think women should get their chest training in! I train mine twice a week and love it!

  14. Des rose says:

    is that another fabletics outfit ? cause you be looking cute.

  15. Jessica m says:

    I like you meg because you are one of the few youtubers that doesn’t workout to be super lean and pretty but to actually get stronger ! Strong is beautiful

  16. 03blaird says:

    Mmmm Meg lookin like the whole snack these days, DAMN! Whatever shes doing, its working!

  17. I used to be so scared to work out arms and chest, but you are so right, once I started working this area my body totally changed for the better!

  18. Chase Tenny says:

    I think you need a vid on hip thrust etiquette. Tired of all these hoes hip thrusting in a 3 foot vicinity to whereI'm squating. Especially… when the entire gym is vacant. Just a suggestion

  19. Alex Ziegler says:

    Love the variety of movements! Definetly doing this workout on my next chest day 🙌

  20. Chase Tenny says:

    Boob job 5k to 10k… Think of it like a 10 year membership to a gym. This isn't directed towards Meg. This is just another suggestion for all dem small chested peeeps

  21. I've found building muscle in my upper body to be really rewarding – I look better, I feel better and it's much easier to open heavy doors now 😄

  22. Great video. The part about the arch made total sense. My husband worries when he sees me arch but its not exaggrated. So my question is does arching while bench press work your back, (in general) ?

  23. Will Edit says:

    Definitely not clickbait. Keep up with the marketing skills. Good job!!

  24. andrew 7 says:

    The only thing I would suggest would be pressing the bar up from below the nipple line. Much better on the shoulders. Still works the pecs great.

  25. headcoatee says:

    Tried these as a man and I grew a cup size.

  26. Why not get a boob job?

  27. Joy Olin says:

    Love the workout! Thanks for posting a chest one since so many females just skip it! PS Where'd the sports bra from? I love it and need one!! 😊

  28. What shorts are you wearing?!

  29. VRMusic says:

    Titties..titties..titties 🤖

  30. guru kev says:

    3mins+ volume = goodbye 8(

  31. I don't have boobs but I still fill informed

  32. Lol i feel weird as a man reading your caption but cant resist clicking the vid haha. Love u meg

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