Butt, Legs, Abs Home Workout for Women!

Want a more lifted booty, toned legs, and a flat stomach? Try this 10 min workout to target your lower body and midsection.
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32 Responses

  1. Todo muy bien pero en momentos la cámara no en foca bien linda 😘

  2. chandu sahu says:

    I need leg exercises

  3. angel girl says:

    What about the posture in thumbnail though😕😕

  4. Awesome workout hun😌

  5. I shat bricks while doing this

  6. Just go to Unflexal webworkouts if you'd like to learn how to workouts correctly.

  7. I LOVE how there's no music and I can just focus on the instructions. I have ADD and it's so hard not to get distracted with music.

  8. My first workout for months and I'm dying

  9. ida topaz says:

    im gonna try this !

  10. PLEASE tell me what do you think about butt enhancement pills like gluteboost? Are they worth it? Do they work? Thank you very much, please answer me 🙂

  11. Mer Bell says:

    add music to ur videos !!!!!

  12. Went in 💪🏽 💯 🔥!!!
    Thanks, girly

  13. Fifa Test says:

    great video like always i will be happy to share with all people the most 5 paid courses of yoga in 2017 now is all for free http://cut-urls.com/Q25LxBI

  14. Alex says:

    Beautiful big ass

  15. You guys inspire me each and everyday…great workout girl

  16. Darryl Stove says:

    How come you dont walk around them??

  17. I need those leggings though

  18. hilltop985 says:

    I'm just gonna be straight up… u turn me on

  19. Amy says:

    Summer is almost gone tho

  20. Alia Twenty3 says:

    brains, body & beauty!
    great workout

  21. Formidable, tank's for the tips

  22. guss her says:

    OMG.. I LOVE YOU..

  23. rho690 says:

    It's amazing how big, butts,thighs, high cheek bones melanin and big lips are desired…… ijs black women are so despised but….I think this video and 1ks of others completely finished my sentence

  24. …oh my…those leggings though…💖🌹👋😚💯

  25. Rosy Ruiz says:

    Awesome workout! Will do!

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