Workout Wednesday: Texas Women Track Workout

4x800m/200m track workout with the University of Texas women’s cross country team.


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7 Responses

  1. Thành Hồ says:

    They are the best athletes

  2. Los lol soos says:

    Not bad, but also not that fast. I mean, they are about at age 18 – 21?

  3. All these girls have like the exact same cadence. Dang. Also, I remember back in high school when single A girls would run 2:3X and that was a fast time. Frickin nuts

  4. Avery Cee says:

    Why are they wearing their racing unis to practice…?

  5. I went as far as dance in school

  6. mstrunn says:

    Excellent w/o, PattiSue, an awesome runner herself.

  7. Wessel v says:

    For some reason I'm always annoyed when girls run in lane 2 instead of in a row in lane 1

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