The Best Fat Loss Workout Plan For Men – Complete Overview

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** The Best Fat Loss Workout Plan For Men **

In this video, you’re going to discover the best fat loss workout plan to not only see amazing results but also make it as easy as possible to stay on track. Because that’s the secret, right? We don’t just need the best exercises and routines for weight loss, we also need a simple and sustainable schedule that we can stick to in our busy lives. Enjoy!

The Weekly Weight Loss Plan Schedule (0:59)

Before looking at the types of workouts for weight loss, we need to first get your proper schedule in place. This will eliminate any guesswork of when your workouts are and which type of routine to do on each of those days. So all you need to do is show up and get it done.

Before Workouts, Daily Activity (1:40)

Another important thing to consider when it comes to weight loss workouts is daily activity. We’re not talking about formal workouts here. We’re talking about roughly 30 mins of light jogging, cycling, playing with your kids, or even walking. Committing to a consistent routine of daily activity triggers your brain to stop sending constant hunger cues.

The easiest place to start working this into your daily routine is to have a step counter and shoot for around 7,000-10,000 steps each day. Because the 30 minutes doesn’t have to be done all at once. As long as you’re getting it throughout the day, you’ll reap the benefits.

What is the Best Weight Loss Workout (3:09)

From helping over 10,000 guys lose over 75,000 lbs of fat, we believe that there is a very clear answer here – metabolic resistance training. We cover the basics in this video as to why combining strength training and cardio in this time-efficient routine is so effective for weight loss.

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Scheduling In These Weight Loss Workouts (4:30)

Here we’re going to cover the 3-day per week workout plan using time efficient weight loss routines. Discover how to space them out and get the most out of the metabolic boosting effects for your weight loss.

Adding in Cardio (6:10)

For a truly top notch weight loss workout plan, we also want to work in 1-2 days of some kind of cardio for accelerated results. Here are the two types of cardio we recommend:

– High Intensity Interval Training (6;19)
– Steady State Cardio

The overview of the best fat loss workout plan covered in this video is a great addition to your weight loss routine. But do know, if any of the recommendations in this video seem a little heavy for you or you’re just starting out, feel free to start small with 1-2 days a week and work your way up.

We cover more details on this in our 30 day program FF30X:
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Your friends here at the FFP,

-Dr. Balduzzi + The Men’s Health Experts @ The Fit Father Project

**Disclaimer: This information is for reference purposes ONLY and cannot replace personal information you can and should discuss with your Doctor. If you have any concerns about your health, you should see your Doctor immediately. Results vary by individual, so we do not guarantee you will get the same results as any shown here or on our website.

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  1. James Fallon says:

    This seems like a really good workout plan as I’m looking to lose a lot of weight at the moment, going to begin using this very soon, great video

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    ty for the detailed explanation as usual, very fun vid to watch!

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    very informative and well described, great job..

  4. A great workout plan, thank you for sharing this video, great video!

  5. md Monowar says:

    Wonderful video about Men fat loss workout plan. I believe that the workout plant will be effective. I will try to follow this workout plant to loss my fat. Thanks for sharing this guys.

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    Wow It's a great ideas of fat loss. It's is awesome workout plan. I like it very much. I have lost 15kg. Thanks for sharing this great awesome helpful video.

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    Wow, this really helps, thank you so much man.

  12. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. Thanks a lot

  13. Judy Workman says:

    Your workout plans are awesome. Daily activity is the key to losing weight I think. You cover just about everything in your videos for being healthy.

  14. Bow Lampar says:

    Yes, your plan not just effective but also quite practical for my daily schedule, i will use it in my work out time table from now on..

  15. jbird1777 says:

    This video about the best fat loss workout plan for men was great! I learned a lot new things and definitely recommend checking it out.

  16. Nicole78 says:

    Thank you for this helpful video! I sit at a desk most of the day so I can really use this structured workout plan! I really like Dr. Balduzzi's plan and all his tips – I'm also going to get that pedometer and aim for 5000 steps a day at least.

  17. michelle r says:

    Good information about loosing fat

  18. Michelle says:

    Very interesting and effective plan. Will definitely let my boyfriend know about this.

  19. Jeff mann says:

    This is a great weight loss plan. I think I'm gonna incorporate it into my workout plan

  20. bill hotman says:

    Great information for people looking to get lean. I was always told that muscles are built in the gym, but abs are made in the kitchen.

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    Another great video. Thanks for sharing!

  22. i will definitely follow your suggestions to loss my fat. thanks for sharing wonderful healthy tips.

  23. Andre B adv says:

    This is what I need right now. I sure follow your advice, doc! Thanks for this convincing and informative video.

  24. I would definitely recommend getting a step tracker to help incorporate exercise into your daily routine! That way each day you can try and get more steps in than the day before.

  25. edwin white says:

    The plan looks really amazing and i bet it can bring lots of fitness in life for sure.

  26. kavi viji says:

    This is awesome workout!

  27. Thanks for mentioning the pedometer that's on phones. It's definitely easier than going to get a smart watch. I always forget to carry my phone when working out though.

  28. great tips doctor. I do every week a HIIT session

  29. azrael1204 says:

    This is a great workout plan, definitely going to try it out

  30. Thank you for this information. My husband has worked ut for years.This seems like a good workout for him.

  31. Nev Ets says:

    Really appreciate you doing a detailed breakdown of your workout plan, I've definitely been missing a few things. This can work great for women as well, me and my wife have been doing these exercises together and she really enjoys it too.

  32. great timing for this highly instructional video , a specific workout schedule focused specifically on fat loss , so glad your shared this.

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    I just incorporated this workout into my cardio day and can definitely say I'll be doing it again.

  34. A B says:

    I have lost 30kg over all bodyweight but my lower belly fat is not going away. Any Suppliment list for the lower belly fat distruction

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