Fastest Weight Loss Workout Plan At Home

I know that everybody wants to lose weight FAST. The quicker the better, right?

Usually ultra-quick weight loss is not quite healthy or even physically possible… But if by “fast” you mean 3-4 weeks then this workout is for you!

Today’s training is a workout plan that expends over 3-4 weeks. It contains intensive body-weight exercises that may be challenging for some, but they are surely effective.

If you want to see good weight loss results then you make sure to work out everyday with this video workout, even during the weekend!

Good luck and make sure you subscribe to the channel to receive new video workouts everyday Monday to Friday!

Also, leave me a comment below the video and tell me what do you think about this training plan and if you see the weightloss results after 3-4 weeks of exercising!

Let’s begin!!!πŸ’ͺ❀️

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11 Responses

  1. My hight is 5.1 nd my age is 19 nd wight is 52 plzz tell me yeh work out weight kitna lose hoga 1 mnth if do it regularly

  2. Aadit Singh says:

    Hello actually I a 14 year old 70 boy with 5.3 height plz tell how to lose weight asap as I have my exams…. Plz answer someone needed fast

  3. tello tello says:


  4. Ali Shan says:

    How much calories burn doing this workout

  5. is it possible to sleep right after the work out?
    caused I'm soo sleepy and tired 😊😊
    also I only consume 5hrs of sleep everyday

  6. Hey! I am a girl and I'm 18. My height is 5"3" and weight is 65kgs. Can you please give me the proper schedule to loose my wieght to 52 kgs in one month……please reply….

  7. Saima khan says:

    Hmmmm super 😊

  8. I did 21 days morning challenge workout.. I will do this new workout in the evening.. Thanks Roberta for this new workout..

  9. Roli Rajhans says:

    Roberta how many calories do we burn doing this workout?? Tia

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