Hi guys! Today I have for you a chest workout using only dumbbells! This workout is especially great for all my girls because we are putting a lot of focus on the upper chest with incline movements. This will help us overtime develop the appearance of a fuller chest as we build muscle! This entire workout is great at targeting the entire chest, while putting a focus on what benefits us ladies the most!

Try it out on your next chest day and let me know whatcha think!
xx Hunter



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#1 Dumbbell chest press

#2 Incline dumbbell chest press
4 X 12

#3 Incline Neutral Chest Press
4 X 12

#4 SS Incline Single-arm chest press and Incline chest flys
3 X 10 EA.

#5 SS Pushups and Standing resistance band chest press
3 X 10 EA.

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14 Responses

  1. Jordan Brown says:

    Love your channel! I also go to a Snap Fitness. Its my second home! Keep it up girl. You are very inspiring!

  2. Alice Wong says:

    I really love how informative your videos are! ♥️♥️

  3. how to c it says:

    Nice video chilton keep on going 🙂

  4. how to c it says:

    you are gorgeous chilton 🙂

  5. cloud flores says:

    Great workout!!! 😁

  6. Sooo tannn, sooo fitttt, hair sooo lushissss, sooo strong, outfit so cute… what tryna be?! A SNACC OR SOMETHIN’?! Okay but for real, this is awesome dude!! Best tutorials online by farrrr!!👏🏼

  7. Hunter I am a dude but your workout videos are wonderful and enjoyable to watch honestly girl and they have helped me lose weight 💕🍑💪💙👍💝💛💋.

  8. Just wondering..whil benching..tuck your elbows in more or is it ok to come as wide that?..couple powerlifters in nippie sideless beaters told me thatll help on more weight..thank god my squat game on point!

  9. Vindicator says:

    Hunter continuing her great run of  WORKOUT VIDEO … WORKOUT VIDEO … WORKOUT VIDEO …. WORKOUT VIDEOS !!!!  😄😄😄😄   👍😎 …. So have you ever tried (or will try someday)  doing push ups with a plate on your back ??  And no I don't mean a dinner plate. 😅😅  (lame , I know 😌 )

  10. Fbalon says:

    I needed this! 💕

  11. krsbacani says:

    Sorry this is off topic, but I absolutely LOVE your hair Hunter! May I ask if it's all your natural hair? I ask only cos I'm a bleached blonde too for the past 9 years with waist length hair to begin with. It's getting harder and harder to keep the length n volume over the years. Thank you 🙂

  12. KASHEWFULL says:

    Love love love this workout I do on floor too like my heavy weight chest workout n love that gym clothing u look stunning in it💪😘😍

  13. Kimmy Nicole says:

    Obsessed with your leggings! I’ve been wanting them for a while but can never actually get myself to buy them 😅

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