25 Minute Kettlebell HIIT Workout with Kettlebell Exercises for Strength and Fat Burning

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This 25 minute full body kettlebell workout uses high intensity interval training to keep the heart rate up for a great cardio workout, while getting you strong and sculpted! A great workout full of kettlebell exercises helping you lose fat and ton those abs. Options for all levels.

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20 Responses

  1. adam liaqat says:

    Does anybody know how many calories this burns roughly?

  2. Darrell G says:

    Thanks for helping me add the kettlebell to my workout.

  3. Guys my Fitbit actually says cardio and fat burn I do do my own thing durning her cardio intervals because I can get down that low right now! But this works

  4. does anyone know what weight Amy is using for this workout??

  5. By the time we got to the globlet squat i was finished! Thank you for this fantastic workout Amy!

  6. Olie M says:

    Around how many calories does this workout burn?

  7. Great workout! 🙂 Not too heavy, but I think that tomorrow will be painful for my muscles 🙂

  8. nobolettu says:

    I bought a 12 kg (27 lbs) kettlebell which seems to be too heavy for a a total beginner like me :/

  9. Great workout! Thank you so much for making these videos.

  10. S Rowe says:

    Great HIIT workout, Amy. I luv the fact that you include less-rigorous modifications for many of the exercises, for beginners (and those with a limited range of motion). The fact they you're v. attractive, encouraging and not afraid to work up a sweat on-camera makes this video all the more engaging. I will definitely check out your other kettlebell workouts — Thank you!

  11. Thought I was going to die at the end, but fantastic job Amy

  12. did this with 8 kilogram kettlebell.. literally couldn't move for 2 days after this workout…

  13. Maggie A says:

    Is 10kg too heavy? 🤔

  14. Banshee Moon says:

    Loved the workout Amy! Thank you!

  15. Yiankon says:

    tnx a lot dude…

  16. You’ve got such great videos here on your channel😌 Looks like a great workout, will defs try it out!

  17. karla pazos says:

    AMAZING!!!! Thank you for sharing

  18. Nicole Groch says:

    your amazing Amy thank you so much.

  19. This workout is really great! I just finished my first session on this video and I can tell I was sweating so much! Awesome 👏🏻

  20. zab boss says:

    Deceivingly intense.tried with 53lb bell had to drop down to 26lb 😣

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