7 Best Health and Fitness Apps to lose weight, tone up, get stronger, run faster, de-stress, exercise and feel motivated! This video is full of my favourite apps on my phone that I use to help me get closer to my body goals! I’ve linked all of them below but if you have any others you love please let me know in the comments below!

Earthmiles App:
Period Tracker:
NRC+ App:
Beginner Runner App:
Charity Miles:

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Q: What camera do you use to film?
A: I film my videos with the Canon 5D Mark 3 ( ) and my Vlogs with the Olympus Pen (
Q: What lighting do you use?
A: I use natural lighting and a softbox light: (
What editing software do you use?
A: iMovie and Final Cut Pro


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27 Responses

  1. “All of us can walk” really? I have an aunt and two cousins who beg to differ. Ableist much?

  2. I love how descriptive she is

  3. Violet Playz says:

    I recommend that u use Female fittness-Women workout it even comes with videos and pictures to see what workout your doing.

  4. Isn't she a porn star

    Don't ask

  5. Sofia 22 says: Check out this app 👆 it pays for walking

  6. Hi Carly! I hope you can have CycleGo in a few months on your Phone… currently on Kickstarter

  7. I think it is cool she doesn't care if people leave a dislike.

  8. Check out the best place to get Yoga Pants and women Fitness apparel, don't miss the end of Summer sale visit now

  9. Mgq Coco says:

    Best period app currently is flow

  10. Kvesii says:

    I really really highly recommend The app “Lose weight in 30 days”. it’s a really great app! It gives you a meal plan and if your vegan you can choose the vegan option! It’s a great app! I’m. Only on day 1, and I feel a difference! It’s amazing!

  11. PicmipPixel says:

    I hope Steven isn’t your boyfriend…

  12. What to do if advanced level is completed

  13. I love how there was an advertisement for a fitness app before this video began :))

  14. Hello… i am a skinny guy… how can i gain mass

  15. I put a thumb up to the video but I like your honesty telling us to put a thumbs down but yeah I am also a new subscriber 👋🏽 hi

  16. Soha Hamid says:

    Idk why but you look a little like Patricia malette

  17. NikkieH14 says:

    I downloaded headspace…
    And I started off with a 3 minute starter and already in the end of that I was soaked in tears and my body was shaking …omg
    But I’m gonna use it at the gym tho and see how that works.

  18. Thanos K says:

    The intro scared the he'll out of me

  19. ItzLeah says:

    Do you know some workout counter apps?

  20. Suhani Yadav says:

    i have Headspace in my phone right now and it's awesome

  21. What a the name of the app at 4:38

  22. PaNoZzZ says:

    I can’t register at Nike app …

  23. Sofi Tsolova says:

    While watching the video Earthmiles became my favorite, I tried to download it and it said its available only in UK 😭😭😭😭😭whyyyyyy

  24. Lucy M says:

    I like to use Sweatcoin to keep fit, it pays you for walking too!xx

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