How Many Times a Week Should I Workout?

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Can you workout everyday? Or should you exercise only a few days of the week? Find out the best training frequency that works for you. You might be surprised about how often you can work out per week!

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43 Responses

  1. PictureFit says:

    Sorry bros, plz don't kill me for mis-characterizing bro splits. One luv <3

  2. Tracy Parks says:

    I am 11 Years old I don’t want to work my body too hard I make sure that I do it twice a week a.k.a. couple push-ups a couple set up’s and maybe a good job with my sister that is a good workout routine for me and my family I do lift some 5 pound 6 pound water jugs to feed my animals

  3. Monday: Chest and Triceps and neck (push workouts)
    Tuesday: Back and Biceps (push workouts)
    Wednesday: Chest and Triceps and neck (pull workouts like cables and resistance bands)
    Thursday: Back and Biceps (pull workouts)
    Friday: Arms and neck
    Saturday: Get hammered

  4. Amni Ony says:

    Ew, got a V-Shreds ad before your vid.

  5. what if you only do cardio?

  6. LAQU says:

    I workout 6 days a week because repetition of the same workout is important

  7. egoy34 says:

    If you wanna be batman take care of your abs.

  8. Im doing super 8ntensive training in the gym 2 times a week and 3 days a week im doing incredably hard boxing training and im european boxing champ and i obly rest 2 days a week so you dont need anymore rest days

  9. 2 times a day: strength training once and cardio / yoga once

  10. Do arms monday and thursday, wednesday is legs, tuesday, is chest. I have shit to do on the weekend so i dont work out.

  11. miguel111093 says:

    Usually do light cardio and some ab work on rest days

  12. TubaBoyTom says:

    Leg days are a bitch tbh…

  13. Timo Gamer says:

    6 Days per Week:
    1.Push Day
    2.Pull Day
    5.Push Day
    6.Pull Day

    Works pretty good for me 😀

  14. Mon-cardio
    Tue-chest & tri
    Wed-back & Bi
    Sat-bicep & tricep

  15. GoodKevin111 says:

    You should work out every day, how are you planning to build muscle if you don't do that? You should do rest days, but not every week.

  16. Aisha Delva says:

    I work out 2 hours a day , and I hate taking rest days. I haven't in a like 11 days so I'm going take one just to see if it helps

  17. Workout 8 days a week guys

  18. Ive been working out for one hour everyday for 1 year

  19. Lil Lopez says:

    Does cardio kill gains? 🤔

  20. Who else is watching this in 2018?

  21. silvinodino says:

    I hit every muscle group twice a week with only 1 rest day.

  22. I have a push day and a Pull/leg day so I workout 4 times a week. 8 sets of 6-12 reps(I never count! Always go to failure) Untraditional but it works great for me

  23. Brummer TV says:

    Monday free
    Tuesday Back and Bizeps
    Wednesday free
    Thursday chest and trizeps
    Friday Free
    Saturday Shoulders and Legs
    Sunday free

  24. leo leo says:

    Sunday is my rest day

  25. Goyren Add says:

    I do cardio every day.

  26. Daniel Law says:

    Can I do cardio on rest day?

  27. Ectomorphs 2 sets per exercise bi weekly. Mesomorphs 2 sets once a week . Endomorphs 4 sets per week.

  28. I'm Slavic ! says:

    The answer is every 2nd day

  29. For your off days/bro splits, is it wise to do a solid cardio work out? I usually do one day of upper body, than cardio, than a mix of leg and arms, cardio, than back to solid upper body.

  30. Where’s your rest muscle and how do you train it?

  31. zigyziger says:

    My workout
    Monday chest
    Tuesday shoulders
    Wednesday legs
    Thrusday Arms
    Friday stomach
    Saturday rest
    Sunday rest

  32. not rerich says:

    You can do body weight daily your pretty much supposed to

  33. I fucking hate it when he says that 3:54

  34. to sum up all youtube videos, the phrase "it depends" always fits

  35. John Gomes says:

    Is it bad that a workout 7 days a week doing the bro splits thing..also I spend like 2 hours each day in there

  36. Get rest when you feel tired, that´s all, if you feel fresh, work out.

  37. 124 125 says:

    Id rather overtrain than undergain

  38. Edgar Retana says:

    So are the full body workouts only good if they're only done twice a week with 48 hr rest in between? I want to do a full body workout daily but I don't want to damage myself somehow.

  39. josh says:

    I just do push ups do I need rest days ?

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