Kegel Exercises Quick Morning Workout For Women

Kegel exercises routine that strengthens your pelvic floor. Ideal for busy women seeking a Physical Therapist guided pelvic floor workout from Please scroll down here for more help with written guidelines.

Regular daily Kegel exercises are important for the strength and support of your pelvic floor. This video helps you start your day with a full set of guided Kegel exercises. Ideally these exercises are repeated 3 times in total throughout the day.

Starting Out

1.Set your posture so that your spine is lengthened and the crown of your head is lifted
2.If you’re sitting on a chair move forward away from the back of the chair so that you’re not using the backrest
3.Make sure you keep the inward curve in your lower back constant throughout the course of your Kegel exercises

A. Long Kegel Exercises

Long Kegel exercises involve squeezing and lifting in and around all 3 pelvic openings at once. Squeeze and lift your pelvic floor muscles in and around your pelvic openings breathing normally throughout. Try to maintain this squeezing and lifting action for up to 8 to 10 seconds at a time before relaxing your pelvic floor muscles completely. Take a short rest before repeating the next long Kegel exercise.

Aim to do 8 -12 long Kegel exercises in a row resting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles between every exercise. Hold your pelvic floor muscles contracted during a long Kegel exercises for 3 -10 seconds every attempt.

B. Short Fast Kegel Exercises

Short fast Kegel exercises are also important to practice regularly particularly to help the pelvic floor muscles contract briskly when they need to.

Try to perform up to 10 quick brisk Kegel exercises in a row on a daily basis. These quick pelvic floor contractions can be used to help prevent or minimise bladder leakage with coughing all sneezing.

The combination of long and short quick Kegel exercises helps you keep your pelvic floor muscles in good shape and avoid or manage some of the common pelvic floor problems including pelvic prolapse and also bladder leakage.

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11 Responses

  1. nagham lvly says:

    thank you this is so great i love it , Michelle what about if i do sitting chair at office and how many time I can do each day , for how long can i continue this exercise , please

  2. Julie Cramer says:

    So great you made this video. I didn't have much time and I love your longer version but at least I got this done!

  3. MAMI says:

    So if your stomach or butt tightens your doing it wrong?

  4. Great video ,Michelle,Thank you

  5. can you do kegels during your period especially during heavy days?

  6. smiley face says:

    can I do this laying down?

  7. so after we pull in for 8 seconds must we then hold for another 3 to 10 seconds ?

  8. Rubi Cudiera says:

    thank you miss michelle,this video helps me with my bladder.

  9. Hi, I'm 17 and I've been suffering from an uncontrollable balder for a while now. I've never been pregnant (because every one says that's were you can get an uncontrollable bladder from) and I'm starting to think I'm born with it. Every time I laugh or cough I end up wetting myself. But it's not normal right? It's not like it all comes out at once, it comes out small flows at a time… It so embarrassing. No one notices because I always end up hiding it or changing clothes all of a sudden and have to make up a stupid reason. This happens almost every day. Any pressure on my bladder I pee. Only really resonantly I looked up what this could be and it said I had stress incontinence. And it said I could cure this by doing Kegel exercises. I started doing them but it's not seeming to work. I don't know if I'm doing it right. What do you think is wrong with my bladder? Thanks x

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