FULL GYM LEG DAY WORKOUT! | Build and Define your lower body

Hi guys! This has been my go-to leg workout the last couple of weeks! As you may know, I have three lower body days a week, 2 glute focused and then one full lower body where I really focus in on the quads, hamstrings, and calves. Don’t be fooled though, you will still target your glutes in this workout too! This workout incorporates a lot of squat variations and puts a lot of focus on the quads ( aka – they will be on fire!). This is a staple workout for anyone looking to get in the gym and target their entire lower body and see some pretty awesome results with consistency! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



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1. Barbell Squats
I warmed up with 2 warm up sets of 10-15 reps w/ light weight

2. SS FRONT SQUATS ( I used the Smith Machine) 10 REPS
Dumbbell RDLs 12 REPS

NARROW STANCE SQUATS (I elevated my heels & Held a dumbbell)
12 REPS | 4 SETS EA.

BOX JUMP SQUATS (I held a plate)
15-12-10-8 drop set 15 Reps
(Increase weight as you decrease reps)

2 X 50 REPS

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28 Responses

  1. I’m a dude and did this exercise 💁

  2. Emma Mukundi says:

    We all love a supportive man 👏🏼👏🏼.I’m gonna try this workout .

  3. Anabel Hadad says:

    God I was in weightlifting in high school so I know what I’m doing I just HATE the type of people that surround the weights at the gym at my college I’m so intimidated for no reason

  4. Coco Herz says:

    Is this your real hair? Hair care routine pleasssse <3

  5. What camera do you use? I love your videos! I just uploaded a leg and booty workout and it would mean the WORLD to me if you check it out and let me know what you thought!! xx sending my love

  6. is this snap fitness?! hahah thats my gym but in australia, i didnt think they would look so identical!

  7. Yoko Vargas says:

    I love your workouts!!!!

  8. Natalie M says:

    What shoes do you recommend for weights that are on the cheaper side?

  9. Daria Pelzer says:

    Where is that leggings from? You look amating btw🔥

  10. derphina says:

    I would like to know why dont you go all the way up and squeze bum, when you are doing RDL? Abn what is the point to elevate your feet for doing squats?

  11. Natalie MC says:

    Thanks a lot Hunter, your hair looks amaaaazing 💕

  12. KTdivKT says:

    Great!! I can’t wait to do this tomorrow at the gym. Thanks for the workout!!

  13. Tracy says:

    Is that her real hair? It's so long and beautiful.

  14. Mayco Campos says:

    Hey ma damn beautiful booty🍑🔥😘

  15. Where is this top from??

  16. cloud flores says:

    😍😍😍👌 loving the long hair and awesome workout! 😁 intense and helpful as always.

  17. angiemashi21 says:

    Your hair looks so shiny and fabulous in this vid! Hair care routine please? 🙂

  18. Carla_fit84 says:

    Gorgeous as always. <3

  19. Your workouts are always awesome. Btw Hunter could you do a video for those with knee pain like a modification video to grow your quads if squats and lunges hurt?

  20. Yeah great video hunter your workouts are wonderful and enjoyable to watch honestly girl and they have helped me a lot sending you love from Michigan girl 🍑💖💪💅💛🔥💕🏆.

  21. I wouldn't be able to walk for 2 weeks, tryn to get there tho.

  22. Suzi Farley says:

    Yes! Another great workout! The last SS w/ the drop set w/ 15 rep burnout?? I KNOW that's gonna be incredible! 😭😨 You had us do the same on hip thrusts in another video and lemme tell ya', it works!! I use your workouts for 4-6 weeks per muscle group. On week 3 of one of your back workouts currently. 💪 @suziq_tips_weightsandwellness you can see my changes. I've lost 65 pounds and am putting on lean muscle thanks in large part to you!!

  23. KASHEWFULL says:

    Awesome leg day workout thank you Hunter I had been waiting for this one. I love Smith machine I can go really heavy on weights n still keep my body in control n good form n complete my supersets. 💪😍🤗

  24. Great workout 👏🔥I'm sure I'll try it soon 💪
    But hunter , can you please film a warmup and stretche routine ?
    It'd help me so much .. thank you ❤

  25. How do you look so fabulous during your workout? 😩😂

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