This video is my week of workouts/ workout with me/ gym routine video! I take you through a whole week at the gym with me. Monday through Saturday. Keep reading if you want to know the program I use…

I use the SWEAT app by Kayla Itsines and follow the PWR program.
I track my calories using my apple watch and the “activity” app that comes with the watch.

Also, I wanted to make a disclaimer that I know i am not a personal trainer. My form may be wrong at times and I am sure you can find things to correct me on! Second, my body type is not the “one body type” that you should be striving for. I didn’t make this video to show off my body- I made this video to encourage all of you to be encouraged to be healthy and to love yourself and your body at any stage. Yes, some people want to lose weight. But do it because you love yourself. Not because you hate yourself. I love you guys so much and hope you guys do, too!


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Editing hacks and title that I used for my video is from Gabrielle Marie!


Let me know if you want to see any college vlogs, high school advice, college advice, any other get ready with me videos, makeup tutorials, or other back to school makeup looks, or back to school outfits/lookbook. Along with any videos about greek life, sororities, fraternity parties, frats, what to wear in college, or anything like that! OR… MORE TRAVEL VLOGS?! Always looking to travel more 🙂

FTC DISCLAIMER: This video is not sponsored.

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37 Responses

  1. 2:25 ur not supposed to hit the ground, try to just go super low and then back up!❤️

  2. Can you please do more work out videos like you did that one time for butt workouts? I love how concise it was and that you talked the whole time through it to distract us lol. <3

  3. alwaystati says:

    ok but can we talk abt THOSE LASHES howw??!

  4. Do you always work out 6 days a week?

  5. Qba says:

    You said that you never wear socks

  6. you & your mom are twins!

  7. Diana Rose says:

    What type of apple watch do you have?

  8. looved this video, subscribed!!

  9. Omg are your lashes real 😍😍😍

  10. meglie1 says:

    My favorite place for exercise clothes is Victoria Secret Pink in the sports/exercise section.

  11. I am a runner as well! Love to run so much! I normally run 6 minutes 30 seconds per mile. Could you do a what I eat in a day video? ❤❤❤ this workout video is so inspiring

  12. Merium P says:

    you're so fit it's inspiring & amazing! Have you always been into exercise? did you play sports as a kid?

  13. Check out Senita Athletics for workout clothes!

  14. H. Miller says:

    My college fitness teachers told me to eat an apple or handful of nuts, before I have an intense workout.

  15. Such a good video!! You're so funny and down to earth

  16. Mel M says:

    Great motivation , You go girl !!!

  17. Hits78 says:

    Nice girl 😘😘😘

  18. Judi珠珠 says:

    omggg I love this!!! I need to start working out & getting more healthy 😍😍

  19. Mayo J. says:

    Hi, please make a video like "What I eat in a day" (protein shakes or snacks) that is easy and healthy that you always eat before and after workout and booty workout routine using resistance bands 🙏🏻 Thank you 🤗❤️

  20. Omg your bod is killer!! Love your workout and your outfits. Also lifetime is the best gym >>>

  21. Next time please say how many reps and sets you do so we can follow 🙂

  22. Kay Low says:

    week of what i eat? HAHAH loving your workout videos! Please do more in the future because it really motivates us to workout 🙂

  23. Running on the treadmill is known to be easier because it is keeping your pace & in a way helping you run. It also provides a bit of a bounce & is easier on your knees & joints. Running outside you have to maintain your own pace & deal with the elements & ground texture.

  24. Randi Paige says:

    Where'd you get your watch from? I wanted to get one. 🙂


  26. Loved this video! I would like to see more workout videos. Maybe your favorite/ best moves for each body part (legs, arms, abs, butt).

  27. natalie, have you ever taken an orange theory class? I would be so interested to hear your thoughts on the class. I have a membership and it’s the most amazing thing i’ve ever done.
    If you have one close to you, I definitely recommend taking the free class!

  28. Shriya Y says:

    what shoes are you wearing in the first workout?

  29. I can't wait to start lifting weights and going to classes this fall! 💙

  30. Kate Russell says:

    I absolutely loved this video because it gave me so many new ideas for the gym!! Feeling so motivated now💕

  31. Beata J. says:

    you're such body goals!

  32. daniela says:

    this video was everything! outfits, workouts and the apple watch history of them!

  33. Hey Natalie! first of all i absolutely love you channel and personality! I always love just chilling and watching your vids 🙂 your so authentic and down to earth! <3
    I wanted to ask you about your Apple Watch.. do you have any experience with the fitbit? how do you like your apple watch? I currently have an apple watch and not sure if the fitbit is better so I'm a little stuck.. anyone else reading this comment please give your input, would love to know which one is worth it!

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