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49 Responses

  1. Love these ideas! Super easy, tasty and economical. Can't wait to try the "fluff"

  2. 88belysa88 says:

    Do you meal prep twice a week?

  3. Koko Bh says:

    Can i have your email i want to send you photo of one product if it’s allowed in the keto cence or no

  4. Ok I still don't see any nutrition charts but you got me on the egg casserole . For breakfast is genius, thanks. where did you purchase the birthday cake?

  5. 1Jacreasy says:

    any special reason you use sour cream in the tuna? Never heard of that before.

  6. silvio coe says:

    wonderfully prep but i would keep my keto died simply.

  7. Johnna King says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  8. You look so sad . Hope u are ok . Ty for video

  9. Just me says:

    I wonder if we can use chicken salad instead of tuna.

  10. Oh my gosh Kat! You have come so far since this video! Not only in your comfort in front of the camera, but your face is so much thinner now! You have always been so pretty but man, can you tell a difference now! 🙂

  11. Penny Savage says:

    How many ounces of meat is considered one serving? I really don't understand grams.

  12. Maria Torres says:

    Definitely just subscribed. I'm going to make this complete meal prep once I finish my ground beef fast

  13. DulseMaria says:

    As soon as the video started and you said “Y’all” I knew you were a Texan 🤘🏻👋🏻

  14. Careful…too much protein can kick you out of ketosis. Good luck!

  15. Happy Holly says:

    you are amazing! you made it look so easy! whenever I cook the kitchen looks like a tornado passed through, and every dish and/or pan has been dirtied. it takes me about two day to clean the kitchen and recover. my husband doesn't want me to cook dinner any more. it's the same when i try a new keto recipe. my gifts do not lie in the cooking arena.
    i am going to use these recipes for one week of meal prep. can you make videos just like this one to cover the rest of the year? haha you make it look so easy. i appreciate this video. thanks. y'all!

  16. Smart, energetic, creative, beautiful and sexy!

  17. Gypsy Nation says:

    fish and mayo can turn toxic within a few days, be careful with that! 🙂

  18. Bob johnson says:

    looks delicious, I like my burgers dipped in lard and bacon fat :o)

  19. Nola Roden says:

    Loved your quick meal prep. I especially love your dessert!! Keep up the great work!

  20. m b says:

    Have you tried home made mayo? Canola oil is a bummer

  21. Omg you’ve lost so much!!!

  22. The recipes sound very easy and good Thank you.

  23. Awesome meal prep. I really enjoy your vids. I’ve lost 45 lbs so far on the keto diet. Got about 80 to 100 lbs left to go.

  24. Okay! I use the same seasoning!. Im in love with it but cannot remember where I got it from..and can't find it..where do i go?

  25. that protein doesn't kick you out of ketosis???

  26. Julie Babik says:

    I just made this exact casserole with chorizo and it was amazing!

  27. Using a 12 Muffin Tin works great for easy servings and adding spinach, kale, and/or mushrooms makes it even healthier.

  28. Lol Creole seasoning😂 we just call everything Tony' s

  29. Two ways I know you’re near my area… you said “y’all” and you’re using Tony’s, lol. Great video, thanks.

  30. Sorry this is so wrong…but could you date my son…LMAO

  31. kimberley says:

    the white fluff didnt work out for me…i used unsweetened almond milk and the protein powder was vanilla…it didnt go as thick as yours and i had to add erythritol and vanilla for more flavour….yuk didnt work out….

  32. James4wd says:

    I'm doing the same type diet myself. Your southern Texas accent is strong lol. I'm from Texas too. Thanks for the ideas

  33. Lisa Marie says:

    Hi I was wondering if you could give the carb count on the ice cream 🍨 🍦 please and thanks 🙏

  34. Beth Cramer says:

    I like be the Keto diet, I have lost 20lbs in a month , I used to have a lot of stomach issues and acid reflux, I started this digest and all of that has gone away. I have never felt better! It’s almost to good to be true. You can even have some desserts which makes it even easier. I’m glad you are doing videos to give us different ideas, everybody always thinks of something new on this diet so it doesn’t get old. You are a very smart, pretty young girl glad you found this way of eating while you are young, people think I’m crazy when I tell them how I lost weight, but I know it works wonderful for me, never felt better….gig’em aggies😊

  35. Mrs Duncan says:

    Love this idea will try this next week…thanks

  36. what do you use as a salad dressing on keto?

  37. My Keto Life says:

    I can't cook steak to save my life!

  38. mango 16 says:

    Katherine you are the best!!!!!!!! Thanks for such DELICIOUS, QUICK and EASY ideas.

  39. Jenny B says:

    What can be used in place of cauliflower? Yuck lol

  40. JPorkins88 says:

    Thanks for the recipes, you're very cute btw.

  41. What is a serving size of everything you're making? Newbie

  42. Becky Gatlin says:

    Great job. Great video, I am just getting started.

  43. Elaine Moore says:

    You have a lot on the ball. Have enjoyed your videos. Thanks a lot

  44. new subsciber here loved your videos i will follow am starting a keto diet and i need all the help i can get lol thank you

  45. For the egg casserole you could have also cooked down maybe 8 ounces of spinach and thrown it in too! Great for getting your greens in and I looooove spinach omelets

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