Upper Body Workout For Women (In The Gym)

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My name is Bella, I live in NYC, Manhattan but I’m born and raised in Denmark. In a very early age of 15 I got into fitness, I used to live in the country, and I was bored so hey why not join the gym and lift some weights right? I went through a little calisthenic phase but now I balanced it out with the gym. Constantly learning new and better ways to train the human body and I drive to teach and help you to do the same.
I believe in a functional, symmetric, and balanced physique. And I have huge interest in constantly improving that.
I enjoy posting anything that has to do with self improvement, health & fitness stuff, teaching, and of-course clothing & keeping yourself looking top notch. 😀
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23 Responses

  1. Bella Rahbek says:

    (More Info Down Below!)
    ♥Click Here To Check Out My Cotton Resistance Bands Including All The Equipment I Use To Build My Glutes Bigger & Sculpt My Body At Home & In The Gym: http://BellaRahbek.com

    Hi beautiful viewers! Bringing you today an upper body workout targeting to you ladies because I do think about your upper body goals! I put more focus on a more functional upper body routine rather than aesthetic training, even tho it has a mix of both! I like to switch it up and think about what i wont the most? A toned upper body orrr a strong and curvy + functional body that can withstand the daily difficulties.. Hmm not hard to pick if it was up to me!
    That's why I focused more and compound movements rather than isolated exercises as you can see! but hey compound movements also wins the race between those two!

    Let me know if you've any questions!


  2. Eden Rizou says:

    so lucky who have you

  3. i dont know why i watch your videos because i am a man but still by seeing you i feel great and forget the shit stuff going on in my life.not saying that i feel horny or someother shit,i feel like yeah man she is awsome and cool and she is doing a great job at helping girls get their fitness in check

  4. Eliza L says:

    @5:13 was very satisfying when the arm movements were in sync with the music HAHAH

  5. Awesome workout Bella its cool how you help other girl get stronger 👍👑💪🍑💛💖🏆💙💅💋💜.

  6. suma han says:

    My dream angel 🙂

  7. Josh SQ says:

    Bella … You are bella 🙂

  8. GAAVOK says:

    👌👌👌🌟🌟😻🍑🍑🍑😻😉🌟😉🍑😋😍🍑😋😍🍑🌟🌟👌👌👌 … ollo … I loveee… Youuursss….! WONDERFUUUL….! GLÚTEEESSS….! In tiiight hooot….! LEGGIIINGSSS….! Fantastiiic….! Boottyyy….! DELICIOUUUSSS….! Bellaaa…. 😀🙈😀👌👏👏👏👌💙💙😘😘💗💗💗😘😘💙💙💙😉😻👑🔝🌟🌟🍑🍑🍑😋😋😋😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹🍑🍑🍑😋😋😋😍😍😍🌟🌟🔝👑😻😉💙💙💙😘😘💗💗💗😘😘💙💙💙👌👏👏👏👌😀🙈😀

  9. Gary Gazza says:

    You're so beautiful

  10. Do you have any boyfriend, Bella?

  11. The real life black widow

  12. Spirited Gal says:

    Love it like always! Can't wait to try this in my next workout! xx

  13. Alaa Essam says:

    How to grow the boobs because I'm so skinny

  14. Gaea says:

    legitimate question – is the towel there to hide butt sweat?

  15. GígYEAH says:

    Yesss, finally a new one of these! I love doing your full-body workouts. I follow your Glorious Glutes-program, but I superset each exercise with an upper body exercise as well because I don't have time to work out almost every day so that works for me. Thank you for introducing me to full-body workouts!

  16. Jules T says:

    Love this! More upper body workouts please!

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