Non-Weight Bearing Workout. Total Body Exercise Routine Safe For Recovering From Injury.

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A Non-Weight Bearing Workout you can safely use to stay fit when recovering from a foot injury, ankle injury, physical limitation, surgery, or disability. Stay fit and positive with this exercise routine that includes cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training for a total body workout.

Hello My Friend,

Are you healing from a Foot Injury? Ankle Surgery? Or working with a disability? Here is a Non-Weight Bearing exercise routine you can use to stay fit, active, and positive. This 40 minute video includes cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises for a total body workout. You will get your heart rate up, work up a sweat, and feel fantastic!

In this Non-Weight Bearing Workout you will move through the following exercises:

Non-Weight Bearing Seated Cardio Exercises

Get your blood flowing and heart pumping with seated chair cardio exercises including seated chair jumping jacks, seated chair boxer punch, and seated chair cardio knees. This Non-Weight Bearing cardio exercise sequence will allow you to get your heart rate up and work up a good sweat!

Non-Weight Bearing Bodyweight Strength Exercises

Maintain your strength and lean muscle mass with this series of Non-Weight Bearing bodyweight strength exercises including: modified pushups, leg raises, hip lifts, modified planks, sit-ups, crunches, and more.

Non-Weight Bearing Flexibility Training Exercises

Finish your workout with a Non-Weight Bearing stretching sequence to help you stay flexible and mobile. Move through modified pigeon pose stretch, seated spine twist, quadriceps stretch and my personal favorite: the scorpion stretch!

This total body Non-Weight Bearing Workout requires a chair and an exercise mat. It can be done in the comfort of your own home or while traveling for a total body workout.

Before starting any new physical activity, you should consult your healthcare provider. These exercises are suitable for most people, including seniors, recovering from an injury and in need of a Non-Weight Bearing workout. But ALWAYS check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise routine. Listen to your body and move mindfully. Honor your injury and be smart!

Having an injury, disability, or physical limitation doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. It just means you have to get creative with HOW you exercise. Done properly and safely, exercise can be an incredible resource to keep your body and mind healthy, positive, and fit. That’s why I’ve created a series of workout videos to help you keep moving no matter what. These creative exercise routines include videos you can do with a foot injury, disability, or illness. I believe movement can be medicine that allows you the strength to live your best life.

I would love to hear if you try this video and how it makes your body feel in the comments below! And as always, if you liked this post, PLEASE HIT LIKE, SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and share this video with your friends! Thank you for your support in my work. I am here to help you feel your best inside and out.

Here’s to you living every day in strength,


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46 Responses

  1. I always seem to need this. It is better for me than my fancy gym membership which is on hold now. All Caroline is missing is a swimming pool!

  2. luckieshel says:

    This was a legitimately challenging workout, even if you didn't have a hurt foot! Will be doing this regularly. Thank you for all that you do Caroline.

  3. Thank you so much for this fantastic workout. I am missing swimming from a fractured foot and your workout will make a big difference.

  4. I hurt my ankle while running, a real nasty sprain. I love your workouts!!!

  5. What if you have a nerve damaged left arm that you can’t lift and a broken right femur 😂

  6. Mary Haslam says:

    Great workout for raising heart rate and maintaining flexibility. Needed to modify some of the exercises for achilles surgery which is easily done. Loved the chair jumping jacks!!

  7. leman says:

    Helpful video but the constant talking is distracting, unnecessary.

  8. I may try this. Just had vascular surgery on left leg. Vein ablation. Getting right leg done next. Gonna check with doc if this is ok to do till my legs are healed. Walking is encouraged. But also want to work abs.

  9. I have Cerebral Palsy and workout every day from my electric wheelchair. I absolutely love this "hurt foot video" it works out your whole body positively feeling great and ready to kick booty in life.

  10. kim270 says:

    I am so happy I found you! I've definitely been struggling to maintain my weight since I broke my foot which has been really hard! It's taking a lot longer than I anticipated to heal so this is exactly what I need.

  11. Michael Oedy says:

    I’m not injured but I’m tired of running on a treadmill with limited results. I first believe my father could’ve avoided knee replacement surgery had he lost 30 lbs in his 40’s. But,…I don’t want to trash my knees getting to my goal. This vid is really helpful.

  12. A new favorite! I did this along with your (1) six-moves for six pack abs and (2) advanced hurt food workout videos. A great day in the world of a hurt foot runner 🙂 Thank you, Caroline!

  13. Caroline: WOW!!! I have a broken right ankle, & Huntingtons Disease. The only thing that can help H.D. is exercise. I used to run, but can't with my broken ankle. I have depression in spades because of H.D. & with my broken ankle its worse!! It was sooo bad for me, I had an appointment with my doctor to get drugs to stop my heart !!! I have that option with Huntingtons. But because of your amazing video everything has changed for me!!! Maybe its because you are a woman, your positive attitude and your positive puching, it makes me laugh everytime I watch it!! So thankyou from the bottom of my heart you literally saved my life!!! so blessings upon you!!

  14. Carol Jones says:

    Thanks for the workout! I have some back injuries and have a hard time walking and finding things other than the pool to get in some exercise, but I was able to do much of this with a few modifications. Much appreciate the time you took to upload this!

  15. yoginitc says:

    Thank Caroline <3 Bless you <3 You are really helping me!

  16. Lauren Rader says:

    Thanks again Caroline! Wonderful sequences ❤️❤️

  17. Caroline’s hurt foot workouts are the best. I am going through some challenges and I really look forward to these workouts. This is one of my favourite all body workout. Caroline keeps me motivated and at the end of it I am more motivated about what I am able to do not what I cannot do. Thanks Caroline.

  18. This workout was awesome!!! One of my faves of yours….although I love them all!! So, SO SO SO thankful I came across your channel! It's been a life saver while I recover from foot surgery and I'll continue to do them after I recover!

  19. Miriam Wipf says:

    You're an angel. Thank you so much for these videos

  20. Laura Barnes says:

    Hi I am recovering from a commuted fractured tibia so these exercises are great for me as 7 weeks in non weight bearing. Thank you

  21. Ash Nichole says:

    I just did this work out after fracturing my foot four days ago and I felt the burn and broke a good sweat!. This video was detailed, well paced and she was an awesome instructor. Love it!.

  22. Maya Myers says:

    Fantastic workout, thank you!

  23. I love this video. I had ACL surgery 5 weeks ago and I have worked out with this video nearly every day. I can do a really good impersonation of you-with an accent, too. Obviously I've adapted to accommodate the injured knee, but "I'm running, I'm excercising!"

  24. Love your positive energy! This will help with a long recovery ahead!

  25. Angela Bahr says:

    Another great workout for my fractured heel!!!

  26. t nh says:

    Do you have workouts for people who have hurt knees? I could use some! Lots of them please! 🙂

  27. You can use Unflexal instructions to learn about workouts guys.

  28. Just did this for the first time!! Phew!! I am waiting for Talus and Fib OCL bone graft operation, been told NO weight bearing exercise at all…spent 2 months miserably sitting and getting fat and unhealthy, bit very happy I have now found your channel…Ill be doing what Icn during my 3-5 month recovery!!

  29. Go to Unflexal workouts if you want to learn much more about workouts.

  30. Rex Hamann says:

    Some really good stuff here! I'm on crutches for the next 4 weeks so this is really going to be a good thing for me, Caroline! Thank you!

  31. Renee Wolk says:

    I can't thank you enough! I'm a runner recovering from bunion, hammertoe and nerve repair surgery. Finding this workout was an amazing gift for my body, mind and spirit as I have been immobile for almost a month and this was a huge help. Love your messages as well as the workout. Look forward to doing more of these hurt foot work outs while I heal 🙂

  32. Amie Gibard says:

    Thanks for putting this up. I broke my ankle exercising and felt pretty lousy as a result, so the encouragement is really appreciated.

  33. Caroline, thank you for all of your amazing videos and positivity. Means the world to me. My foot is largely healed, but I still do these exercises regularly because they feel great.

  34. Broke my leg in 3 places – non weight bearing for at least 10 weeks and this makes me feel so good!! 12 screws later, I can still work out! Thank you!

  35. Pandu Kumble says:

    I am recovering from a foot op. I simply loved your program. Barring couple I cud do the rest. Feeling great, your personality n smile is simply inspiring. Go well.

  36. Debbie Lires says:

    Thank you Caroline, I think you are fabulous! I am a 56 year old female who had an upper ankle sprain while running outside. My doctor said I would need to rest and recuperate for roughly 5 weeks to give it time to heal properly. I had been very engaged in a 5 day a week exercise program, and was really frustrated and sad that I wasn't going to be able to get outside and exercise. I didn't know what to do; however, as I was surfing the internet I found your wonderful Hurt Foot exercise videos. They were exactly what I was looking for. I watched several of them and was so interested in doing them with you. Because I had been exercising for months outside, I was pretty sure that these would be super easy for me……. But, I was wrong! I had really been concentrating on strengthening my lower body through running, walking, stair exercises, and cycling. But as soon as I started doing these exercises with you I realized that I had very little strength in my upper body. I couldn't do much more than 1 pushup!!! But it was a great reality check for me. I have done 4 of your hurt exercises in the last week, to give me lots of variety. And… I love them! Your voice and encouraging words are comforting as I push myself to try to keep up with you. I really feel my whole body come alive with the exercises. And I know I am getting stronger. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  37. Thank you thank you thank you! I really did work up a really good sweat! Recovering from foot surgery, in cast, in boot, can’t bear weight on it for six whole weeks! Luckily I found you and will be donating. Thank you!

  38. Anna Wing says:

    Hi Caroline, I cannot express words for how I excited I was to come across your channel on u tube last night. I have had injured tendons in both feet from running for many months now. I am a very fit person with young children and fitness is a big part of my life. I feel like ive tried it all and everything hurts,ive even thought about giving it all up- but then I know ill end up in a loony bin. Your session was so appealing because it was still fast paced and I could extend by using weights and adding more at the end. Also your positive attitude and seeing how you got through your injury while maintaining your strength and figure is inspirational. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You will now be part of my weekly routine. Big hugs from New Zealand xx P.S- do you have any slightly longer or session involving weight also?

  39. Bria Nyberg says:

    Thank you! I had a foot injury last year that lasted for several months. Your videos kept me sane. Today I just came back to the channel because I am too sore from a HIIT workout to do any intense weight bearing. I appreciate all of your creativity and I love all of the floor barre! It reminds me of my ballerina days as a kid.

  40. Absolutely love this video! I think this is your best one. I love that you have different length videos so if I'm having a lazy day I just do shorter one. Thanks so much for helping me stay motivated throughout my injury you're a saint! 😇

  41. Thank you so much! I am recovering from a horrible Jones Fracture that I endured while running. This really helped me get motivated after 2 months and a fracture that is not healing.

  42. I just got surgery on my foot (like yesterday) and I can’t sit in a chair, can you do something where you are on a bed

  43. Sabra Horne says:

    These videos have helped me more than I could have imagined! Thank you!!

  44. Maxim Petrov says:

    Winner of a video, I've been looking for "exercise with injury" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Zenevad Exercise Eaglestone – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got excellent success with it.

  45. Tremendously positive workout while recovering from reconstructive foot surgery. I'm exercising in my cast and warding off deconditioning syndrome… thank you!

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