The Most Effective Science-Based PUSH Workout: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (Science Applied Ep. 1)

Welcome to the new Science Applied series!!

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‣ Ryan Little – Day 1
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This video was edited by me using Final Cut Pro X


I’m 5’5, 177 lbs

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28 Responses

  1. Dorian Yates and scooby both say to avoid bench press.

  2. Jack Larkin says:

    He has tiny arms wtf hahahahaha

  3. Bruv it looks like your gonna break your back when you bench

  4. Holy shit those arms are short and proper bench pressing arms. My arms almost touch the floor so bench press is literally my weakest excercise.

  5. Vishal Kar says:

    When will hit the abbs???

  6. Monk E says:

    need a HELP please

    – we need to use the exact same exercise or change it from time to time?

    -how long it will take before we change to a new exercise?

  7. Jamil Ahmed says:

    Can I follow this routine exactly? with of course different weights nd reps and sets as a beginner?. Is it good and effective for a skinny beginner trying to get as big as possible as quickly as possible?

  8. I don’t like flyes, I think they’re kinda useless and can lead you to injury, if you want to correct me, you’re free to do so, I really fear them but seeing this video I’m not really sure about them

  9. I do push and pull for each muscle 4 exercises and hit every muscle twice a week,
    Watching this video, is it too much what i am doing?

  10. Mutha Flela says:

    isn't better to do pull push legs rest pull push legs rest cause … if you do deadlift and another day squats its kind of weird

  11. If you roll a bench into the cables someone is gonna punch you in the face.

  12. You kind of sound like a fitness Ben Shapiro

  13. Shubham Dave says:

    What is your height bro..

  14. J D says:

    Amazing content. Please keep posting this series!

  15. Meaning of straight sets X rpe?

  16. Hey jeff is it ok to use this execrise when bulking?

  17. john says:

    You shouldn't use the an arch on the flat bench because it shortens the available range of motion.  So, yes you can lift heavier, but you are not working as much as you could if you laid flat.

  18. No black friday sales? Would convince me to try your program hehe

  19. David Warner says:

    Bench press also strengthens your lats. Especially in Powerlifting, competition bench requires you to pause the bar on your chest, at that moment, lats and triceps play BIG ROLES!

  20. H B says:

    I was 41 y/o at 170 lbs ripped right pec pressing 210. Now at 54 y/o at 170 lbs ripped left pec on Dec 2017 doing HIIT. What chest exercises can i do for strength without getting hurt?

  21. yahia larbi says:

    thaaaank you, i will apply this program

  22. You lost me at the arch. a little is fine, but I shouldn't be able to drive a Prius through it

  23. H says:

    Actually there's an "upper chest"and it can be activated independently.

  24. Hi bud, perfect vid!! Just started a new routine (push pull n legs) n needed ideas so 👌 I’d assume the routine was Monday push Tuesday Pull Wednesday legs Thursday rest Friday push Saturday Pull and Sunday leg- would that mean Monday would be rest or just start routine again from Monday?

  25. Non Existent says:

    you cant go wrong following this routine

  26. i have to finish my tesis and im watching this lol

  27. laughfever says:

    Amazing content. I've been looking into PPL recently, trying to increase my strength but not neglecting my hypertrophy… and ended up doing 8 or 9 on my push day, no wonder I was exhausted af LOL. Your video is really helpful. Please keep making videos.

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