10 MIN SIXPACK WORKOUT / No Equipment | Pamela Rf

NO EXCUSES ♥︎ a quick & intense workout to target your abs. You don’t need any equipment or weights!!

The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise – NO REST IN BETWEEN.

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VIDEO, CUT & EDIT: Emrah Bayka

MUSIC by Epidemic Sound

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39 Responses

  1. Woooww! It's amazing!💪 I just to do it right noww😁❤

  2. Ling says:

    Don’t like the music but the workout is great

  3. Jay Lay says:

    Thank you so much! This really helped. I started exercise VERY early, you see I’m in middle school and I would say I’m more of the active sporty girl. I do all kinds of sports, I’m always in something no matter what. I do X-Country in the early fall, cheer in the late fall,basketball in the winter , track in the spring, and tumbling in the summer. I wanted to prepare for high jump( which requires a lot of ab strength, at least I think and leg muscle) I wanted to do an exercise I could actually keep up with, that was short and could fit Into my schedule. I started in October with this workout! Guess whose the only 13 year old in her school who has abs!!!!!!
    Thanks to you I’m so ready, for upcoming sports especially track!
    You don’t know how grateful I am!
    Lots of love
    – Kermit 🤪😂

  4. How many calories can I burn with this workout?

  5. Omg, this is great!!! I started two weeks ago and I've done it e every day. At the beginning I hat a belly fat and all that but now I look awesome!!! Don't give up, feed healthy, do these exercises and you will make it!!!!!!

  6. hello first of all : )
    I’m 14 years old and I’m not that
    satisfied with my body..You know I’m normal.
    I’m doing Yoga once in a week but this is all and I actually really want to get fitter and work on my abs and booty🍑I really like this feeling after a workout and once I found Pamela rf’s videos and I love them :|)
    I’m vegan 🌱 and to doing workouts belongs eating healthier(there are a lot of books about this it’s really worth to read it,in case just try to eat food,which’s not industrial-influenced,for example fruits and vegetables ;))
    Now this was pretty long:0
    But now I’ve challenged myself to do Pamela rf’s workout(10mins Sixpack or 10 booty,(or the 22mins both workout)
    every second day!!
    If you’re interested I’ll try to inform you guys here:)

    DAY1:It was exhausting but I felt great after it:)(22mins booty and abs workout)I sometimes paused;)
    ->day after:my abs are aching

    DAY2:(one day paused between DAY1 and 2)
    10mins BOOTY WORKOUT(exhausted but feeling great)I did the abs workout after(same as booty workout:))
    ->after DAY 2:OMMAGAWSH!!my booty and legs are aching!!🍑😂

    2 days paused..bc of pain haha😂

    DAY3:Today i did 10mins Booty and 10mins abs workout(the excercises are geting easier and easier:)I’m not feeling that exhausted anymore)
    (Day 3 was today:)prob. gonna update on Monday:)stay tuned)

  7. Hard but nice workout 🙂

  8. joeylinaxo says:

    Plank geht bei mir auf die Schultern, ist das normal?

  9. L I N A says:

    Ich liebe deine Workouts ❤

  10. Leti Letizia says:

    Ich habe das Workout jetzt eine Woche lang jeden Tag gemacht finde es wirklich gut für den Bauch aber habe seit zwei Tagen starke Nackenschmerzen und bisschen Rückenschmerzen (weiß aber nicht ob es am Workout liegt ) Irgendjemand Tipps ?

  11. what is the name of the first song ? I really want to know the name 😭

  12. Lidia Do says:

    I'll try to UPDATE why not:
    DAY 1: I stopped at 8 min took multiple breaks. But felt fine and not that hard

  13. Blossom Tory says:

    Wasn’t in the title that u need super arm strength for the side planks

  14. Already obsessed that there is no 5 min intro to this workout! Thank you!!

  15. Sina Josef says:

    Knackst bei irgendjemand bei der ersten Übung auch das Bein und die Hüfte ?🤔

  16. Peter Chou says:

    workout alone won't get you the six pack. Change your diet by reducing carbs, sugar and salt intake to start with. If you can, do intermittent fasting, you'll thank me for this. I'm doing I.F. plus workout. I'm in the best shape of my life @ 40s.

  17. Darosch says:

    Day 1: I was quite sportive before but my Sixpacks and Abs weren‘t very able to be seen. So i started this one. I hadn‘t really to stop in an exercise but it was really hard. So today‘s evening I will do a chest training.

    Day 2: Break

  18. Jackie V says:

    Im dead! Could even make half of the work out properly! 🙈😂

  19. I never really worked out cause I‘m natural really skinny, but now I want to be and look fit 💪🏼
    This is my first time actually doing a workout and I‘m glad that it was one of yours!
    When I read comments like „wow that is so hard“ or „I needed a break after 30 seconds“ I‘m actually proud of myself!
    My first workout and I didn’t need a break wohooo

  20. Noemi Stroh says:

    this looks so easy but it isn't😂😰

  21. In the very beginning, it will be a bit difficult to do these exercises without break..but if you keep doing for a week or two, you'll definitely find it easier to workout and finally you'll see differences. This really works. Was totally helpful. I've been doing these exercises sinc past 3 weeks , and i am already seeing results. From a fat belly to flat,lean belly, i've seen the difference.
    This helped me even more than pumatrac.
    I'm loving it.
    Keep going people!! Ya'll can do it !!💪💪👍👀

  22. who. am.i says:

    1 like 1 day of workout

  23. Ann Rahel says:

    this is an Love-Hate relationship or rather on-off-relationship..doing it over and over again🔥💪🏼

  24. Yepp… Definitely going back to the beginner's workout for now , Im like dieing 3 min in

  25. Manga girl says:

    Wer hat auch die Übungen im Bett gemacht?😂🙈

  26. a lot of bones cracked I mean like a lot

  27. this. was. hard af. if y’all remind me i’ll update you on how i’m doing

  28. Does anyone know how many calories are burned while doing this exercise

  29. Damn she murdered my abs from the first exercise, no warm up, no games, just doing the damn thing! Burns so good! Thnx

  30. Just some info that the planks are really hard not because of the work out tho 🤣 I can't keep my legs from slipping and .y arm from giving up lil

  31. My muscles just Hurt from watching 😂

  32. I’m gonna start using this everyday!!

  33. Fabienne says:

    Started monday 24th of december, going to give a month long review

    First day : The side planks were really hard, need to train my arms more bc they cant even handle my whole body. For the rest really heavy, took some short breaks but over and all went okay… Will be giving more details tommorow!

    Day 2: Just finished, it was really heavy. My arms ar not that strong, took a lot of breaks during the planks, for the rest took a lot of breaks, need to work on it, hoping after a week a bit of progress and taking less breaks. Overall giving the workout today a 6/10.

    Day 3: Arms are still heavy, my right arm is much stronger than my left, besides that it went not much better than yesterday, i had still a lot of muscle pain from the 2 days before, so it was really hard, give it again a 6/10. Less progress today, but still did it!

    Day 4:
    Omg overall it went good! Still some breaks but thats understandable! The side planks went litte bit better, love it gonna do it tommorow again, gave today a 8,5/10

  34. Lupita H says:

    This is insane burns so much

  35. Sofia Sasias says:

    How often can I do this? 3 times a week is ok?

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