Ab Workout For Beginners


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27 Responses

  1. I know this video is a year old but I’m going to be doing this workout for as long as I can. 😊
    Day 1: Today was SO hard. How does she do it? It’s intense for me even though it’s for beginner. Anyways, the 3rd round was the hardest. See you tomorrow!

  2. I'm definitely trying this

  3. Jefferlyn says:

    I dont know what i have been doing wrong because i dont feel the burn in my stomach, i feel it in my lap.

  4. Elsa ! says:

    I can’t feel anything

  5. What app is that you used to capture your time?

  6. Ren says:

    “so thats the first round now well do the second round” GIRL i’m already dead

  7. doing this a actually makes me feel good about myself, like i feel so healthy rn lol

  8. Gabba says:

    This ab workout is amazing. It helped me build core strength, so now I can do pretty much any ab exercise and I don’t struggle as much as I used to.

  9. RuxyT30 says:

    Thank youuu, finally a work out that wasnt that hard but in the same time i Felt it worked My muscle

  10. I’m confused, I’m 12 and I found this easy. I definitely did it right bc my sister is a fitness trainer and she told me I was doing it right but I did it and it was so easy

  11. porsha gray says:

    Just what I needed! Thank u very much. It was simple, short but still a good challenge for my body.

  12. I'm super weak and this was the perfect work for me xo thanks girl

  13. Loveeedd this! Easy for beginners which helps me stay motivated❤️ Thank you so much!

  14. soph says:

    thank you so so much i've done this workout many times now and I love it!! the movements are simple but they BURN and ist quite short so I can repeat it 2 to 3 times depending on how I feel that day 💗💗

  15. Ankita Paul says:

    Mam can u suggest how to exhale and inhale during exercises like squats abs and hip thrust as well plz

  16. Its a good workout for beginners

  17. This is great. Whenever I get on my back for abs, my neck is always strained. I love this workout!

  18. Hi, I've been doing this every night for about a week now. For the first four days I was just repeating this exercise Three times (as shown in video), Then the last three nights I decided to repeat the exercise six times because it was getting easier for me. What I noticed was that I wasn't really that much slimmer, And I haven't lost any pounds, But I'm seeing the outline of abs. keep in mind that I wasn't huge to begin with. I've been skinny and underweight my whole life and I just started noticing I was gaining more weight then normal, so I tried this and it seems to be working but I haven't been doing it for awhile. So I'll keep doing this and I'll reply to this comment in about a week. 🙂

  19. lisa sims says:

    My lower back hurts when I do this exercise

  20. How many times to do this exercise for a flat stomach ?

  21. GEENA FITEZ says:

    I loved this workout it has helped me a lot I'm a lot more fit and I just wanted to take the time today to say thank you for making this video ❤

  22. I was on another video and couldnt keep up. This is a great beginning work out for me thank you so much. Just subscribed!

  23. Kate 11 says:

    do you use an app for the countdown and when it says the next exercise? if yes what app? 🙂

  24. I wanted to sit and do this for awhile, and I just haven't got to it till now. Also I wish I had pictures but I do have any, but here we go. I did not seek out this video for weight lost or anything like that. I simply just wanna tone after losing almost 20 lbs (and gaining some back in muscle). I still had some things I wanted to improve. So I found this "easy" video to help me. I want to speak about this video separate then in together. I'm not new to ab things or anything and I would say my core is definitely up there, however, this video still pushes me. Because it's so short it motivates me to keep going or maybe do it twice. It's also so amazing that this video (if done right) keeps my core engaged throughout my daily activities. It's as if I'm sitting on the floor doing it all over again. I LOVE IT!! In not even a whole month I am seeing light sketches of a very small 4-6 pack coming in and I'm so excited!! Now, I can't JUST talk about this video. This video has been combined with healthy eating, a high intensity workout or 15 walk/run, and a leg and butt workout. I just ask to keep that in mind while on any weight loss or toning journey you might have, but this video is definitely one to put in your favorites list and do on a daily.

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