My new 6 MONTH workout plan – reach your fitness goals!

Can’t wait to hear all your feedback and see your results!

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30 Responses

  1. Hope I went into enough detail in this video explaining the guide! Any questions at all, never hesitate to ask!💓 let’s make some gainsssss

  2. You’re really coming up, proud of you girl!!

  3. You look amazing good job

  4. wynne baker says:

    Great job in the gym beautiful!

  5. nax sef says:

    you're so beautiful and gorgeous, very cute and funny 😍 💋 💘 🌸

  6. Summerswan says:

    hi bela, I do not know if I should reschedule the guide. I've been training for 2 years but have not been able to build any Booty gains, since I've had to stay out for more than half a year, as I had a severe leg injury. sometimes I still have pain during training when I used too much weight …. but it is so depressing to go to the gym regularly but not build any muscles and yes my diet is right. It's only the training what i have to do a lot more better…

  7. Hi super super video. Super job 👍 happy. New year.

  8. Coook SEXY 🙏💘👍💚💄💖💝💁‍♂️🌷⚘🤣

  9. The fact that you put so much effort into conveying fitness information shows that you look to help people reach goals more than exploit your position. So thank you 🙏🏻

  10. Ramiro says:

    Saludos desde Argentina hermosa

  11. I really thought you were a brazilian girl

  12. Hello Bela, I really appreciate your work and dedication to it. Your body (booty) gains are amazing and I kinda know how much of working out is behind it. I have one question for you: My butt is on a bigger side naturally, but lacks of shape and firmness. I've been doing 6min workout with glute bridges variations (classical, with one leg lift, hold with one leg lift) from Gabriella Whited and actually my butt grew half an inch in just a week (I worked out 6 days in week, with 2kg weights). What do you think, is this the good way to booty gains(permenent)? Lots of kisses from south of Europe 💋

  13. Andrea says:

    This guide looks amazing! I bought a guide during black Friday that I am just starting now, but when I’m done I’m def getting yours! I love how you don’t recommend it for beginners bc it shows you’re not just trying to get $$ but care about your buyer’s progress & health 🙂

  14. Grii Zel says:

    I might buy this but I’m scared if there is a lot of weird exercises that are “instagramers” do. do you know what I mean ? 😅 I’m just a shy person at the gym and I don’t like doing exercises that bring in attention

  15. No ass but pretty face. Fkin lol at being a "fitness chick". Just get a patreon or onlyfans and let's see that turd cutter close up. I promise on my mothers life 95% of your fans (male btw) just wanna see your fart factory

  16. Valnir Alves says:

    Bela Fernandez besos mi corazon

  17. Yes bela!! This looks amazing 😍😍 well done girl you’ve done such a good job 💛💛

  18. Javier Rueda says:

    Estás bien guapita 💕💯🔥👍

  19. Manny Bee says:

    6 month work out plan. [Everyone be obsessed attached to me…in case of any gains towards Bela?!]


  20. Is there a private Facebook group for those who buy the group? If not would you consider making that? 💗💗

  21. Bela! Do you do glute kickbacks on the cable machine? I have never felt them correctly and was wondering if you have any tips. I think I’m doing just fine without using them I was just trying to see if there was a possibility of adding them to my routine.

  22. I just started the guide yesterday! So excited to work my way through it ❤️

  23. Janet Rose says:

    Just wondering….are you qualified to be giving out guides and advice? Like are you a personal trainer or..?

  24. Um actually says:

    Great sales pitch wow!! I dont even know what it looks like but I'm already impressed! It's nice to finally see an influencer drop a really thorough guide that not only focuses on reaching body goals but also teaches the customer things that normally take years of experience and research to understand. Bret Contreras' strong curves guide is one of the most highly regarded guides when it comes to building a feminine physique because hes one of the very few people who loaded it with information instead of just workouts, and I think theres a very possible chance your guide will be on the same calibre

  25. Jaqueline P says:

    Hey 👋✌
    I was missing your yt videos 😅
    I'm waiting on the makeup routine 😄😘😘 ILYSMMMM!!!!

  26. Lucy Vo says:

    I'm so excited to get this guide and get started. You make it so realistic compared to other fitness guides from other youtubers or Instagram models. Thank you!

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