The 7-Minute HIIT Workout

Celebrity fitness trainer Donovan Green shows Dr. Oz how to maximize fat burning with a 7-minute high intensity interval workout.

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30 Responses

  1. mrmanualways says:

    I got 3 minutes workout. You just need to run at the speed of light.

  2. 🤣🤣🤣 Sounds exactly like me "I feel like I'm burning out".

  3. ryan tabb says:

    Drop the T and give HIIM to meee

  4. eratrius1977 says:

    Do it 5 times after each other. Then its killing

  5. I was eating lemon cake while watching this

  6. I would love to workout with this trainer! His energy and positivity are infectious!😘🌷

  7. To all who is in workout should do this at the same time for better results.

  8. Great 7 minute workout

  9. safi456 says:

    Every exercise 1 minute:
    Jumping Jacks
    Full body stretch (think "Heads Shoulders Knees n Toes" in reverse)
    Squat Front Kick
    (Seated) Arm Curl Overhead Press
    Side Step Chest Fly
    Knee Lift Elbow to Knee
    Kick Back Punch Fwd

  10. Trippie Redd says:

    I need to burn some fat maybe 8-10lbs for abs and muscle definition I’m not a fatass this was too easy

  11. June Breeze says:

    I like his energy. This is a way to stay focused if you get tired while studying.

  12. El Professor says:

    Work out in a fasted state to burn much more fat.

  13. HELAD says:

    Does this help to lose a belly fat?

  14. Good for a starting workout if you are just getting into cardio fitness

  15. Yay 🎉 at last people are starting to see that shorter workouts are way more effective. I am a qualified trainer with over 25 years experience and I always said less is more and the most effective weight loss and health workouts are shorter ones, I created a 7 minute workout in January this year which has now had over 21 million views and is getting people fit worldwide. So big high 5 to you from over here in the UK highlighting how we can all get results. Lucy Wyndham-Read

  16. nas 10 says:

    This workout for turds

  17. Shana Lee says:

    Who wants to take this challenge with me every day 7 minutes a day I'm up for it starting today

  18. Annette byrd says:

    Great workout thank you for sharing

  19. Edward Russo says:

    dr oz you stole dr bergs research on body types you are turkish trash

  20. Wow didn’t know how out shape I was…. I guess walking not enough

  21. Wow !!! Real. Built. Up. Body's. !!! Wow

  22. Great workout. Thanks for sharing.

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