3 Chair Exercises You Can Do Everyday

Do you sit all day? Fitness trainer Donovan Green demonstrates how to squeeze in a workout and burn calories. Follow along and try the seated squat lunge, seated sit-up, and seated elbow jab.

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13 Responses

  1. Jean Odgaard says:

    Char Yoga so much better, those jerky movements not good for everyone with joint problems!🤔🤫🇨🇦

  2. A 22 says:

    i like how it starts with "ok stand up!)

  3. What about a lunge is a SITTING exercise ???!!!

  4. Rajdeep Kaur says:

    First excercise was not on chair

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  6. Im overweight at 300 pounds…my knees r bad …that first one…not happening.😒

  7. "Lemme see can I dial my phone number" hahaha lol

  8. Lucy Blades says:

    Can I dial my phone number on your abs? Seriously?

  9. I have problem in my knee I find it hard to do the first one

  10. Dr.Oz, chair exercise…is good for disabled people and mobility, those who with injuries.🤔

  11. Vinhhotboi says:

    what channel DoctorOz on COMCAST XFINITY

  12. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I'm at work now watching this – and this is doable! I'm a receptionist and sit for very much most of the day. And I did this! I was thinking about looking up on You Tube for chair exercises and "Lo and Behold"! LOL! Thank you so much again Dr. Oz!

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