7-Minute Morning Workout

Need a morning boost? Start the coffee brewer and give yourself seven minutes for a total-body workout. Celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson shows you how with moves like the kick-across lunge, crab roll, and Spider-Man side step.

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22 Responses

  1. Skar Skar says:

    How can I watch this video with that I mean hahaha! I can't really concentrate

  2. Apzal Bahin says:

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  3. its tana says:

    7 minute exercise….
    But the video is 4 minutes long?

  4. I like the video. Nice. Please have a look on my link: https://bit. ly/2PJEzkE

  5. 7 minute when the video is 4:35 .. 🙂 but great video ~

  6. 7 minute work out

    Video algorithm says 4:36

    Brain says 65 trillion cemturies

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  8. Why are people hating when this woman looks better than all us lol

  9. Jayden Leroy says:

    Starting to work out in the mornings thank you.

  10. PTALARA1 says:

    SOMEONE ANYONE ON THE this woman's payroll FIX her WARDROBE.. if I see one more vid where she is adjusting her top, You're exercising dress like it. OMG. Stupid

  11. Lydia T says:

    l wish droz could help me cure my delibetating pmdd so many of us women suffer 1 in 20 yet there is no cure

  12. Saro Maliga says:

    She wore that top for tv exercise ?

  13. Laura Croft says:


  14. Guess I can do this while munching on my bagel with cream cheese 😋

  15. Carla Tapia says:

    She's got so much botox!!!! She can barely move her lips.

  16. I will start doing this workout👍🏽 thank you

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