You Need a Workout Plan. You Need a Purpose. Quit Fooling Around.

You need a Workout Plan. You Need a Purpose. Quit Fooling Around.
In this fitness video, Natural Bodybuilder and Trainer Victor Costa talks about the importance of putting your energy into a plan.
Victor Costa is considered among the top trainers in the world. You can get Vic’s workouts at
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Vic has audio and video workouts for beginners intermediate and advanced. He will also create a nutrition plan for you as well.

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21 Responses

  1. snix89yt says:

    Hey Vick! Happy New Years! Thanks for the videos btw. So basically what I’m getting from your recent videos is keep your workouts simple and focused. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just concentrate on the basic body building fundamentals like focusing on the contraction and negative part of the lift, and then maybe later try incorporating more “advanced” principles.

  2. Mr1sammyd21 says:

    I've made the mistake of just trying to "lift heavy" without a real goal other than to be able to move alot of weight. I sprained my Achilles, "lifting heavy" and decided to start from scratch. Over the years I've injured my shoulder, lower back, a hip flexor, a pec, an elbow and now my Achilies.

    I started Using alot of Victor's method's i've learned over the years of following him. I stripped all of the weight on all of my exercises with the intention of creating a connection, "mind muscle" with every exercise. I was surprised at how much more I could feel each muscle during the exercise with light weight and focusing on the muscle and proper muscle movements.

    For example this morning I did standing shoulder presses with a 45lb bar with a 2-1/2 on each side. I did 3 sets of 50lbs. Keep in mind I'm not a small guy. About 5'10" 225lbs and very muscular. It was very light but I intend on only adding 5lbs each time I revisit this exercise. My goal is to maintain the connections I've made while slowly adding weight. I'm not concerned if I cannot move the heavier amounts of weight I was doing previously because all it did was lead to injuries.

    My goal now is to increase my muscularity but with much more definition. My appearance and health are more important to me than bragging rights of how much I can lift.

  3. rahul verma says:

    Hey Vic is HIIT cardio of 6 min good before or after workout or doing it in evening if we lift weights in morning

  4. E M says:

    That chest is a work of art.

  5. Thanks Vic! New gains soon haha..

  6. John Tulloch says:

    Great video- an excellent way to think of things and your body obviously shows the results!

  7. Remy Lebeau says:

    Attention is currency. That why we “pay attention.” Currency is a flow of current or energy. So where your attention goes, your energy follows. That’s manifestation 101. Makes sense when applies to physical development. I love your muscular development. Very clean explanation ❤️

  8. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Much love Vic. Hope you’re 2019 is amazing. PLM in the new year!

  10. nordfresse says:

    You look better than many of the kids here on YT…

  11. Looking awesome . From South Africa . Respect to you . Like you say . It not the weight you move . It the way you move the weight . The positive and the negative movement in each equal important .

  12. kidmover says:


  13. Completely understand. Thank you. 👍

  14. New Horizon says:


  15. I am reading your book PLM daily and I love it from the very first word.

    All the best to you, Vic!

  16. tattounxx says:

    please stop talking and just flex your insanely hot body, you are so sexy !!

  17. Another good one, Vic. I notice double heads on your biceps!! Nice.

  18. Hey Vic.. Love these shorter motivational vids . Just gets ya mind in tune before training so ya spiked and focused… 😉
    Can I ask how tall you are and how much you weigh.. ??? Thank you …. :0)

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