30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio and Strength-Conditioning Workout

Torch major calories with this no-equipment cardio and strength-conditioning workout: “The Drop,” created by Breann Mitchell. This unique workout experience is the ultimate music and movement combination that will have you breathless and dripping sweat.

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46 Responses

  1. sam bounaama says:

    I just did this workout and it feels AWESOME !! Really intense and energizing ,love it !!
    I'm soaked in sweat btw😂

  2. The 'warm-up' is actually the first part of a work out. Unless you are super-fit or have been doing a physical job all day before you start this work out you will need to doa more basic warm up first. Dropping straight into lunges and squats is asking for injuries and trouble. I also agree with the many that said that it is too fast to get to grips with moves before she moves on. I watched the video through before attempting it but the moves really aren't explained very well. She just launches in and does them. She acts as if she is on something – she is SO hyper. I find her very annoying for this reason. Enthusasm is one thing, but she it totally OTT and, as others have said comes over as not quite sincere. Really not a fan of this style of tuition, and as I said up front, it is not for beginners and should be flagged up as such, or recommended that a more basic warm up be done before doing her warm up.

  3. Alex Riot33 says:

    Not in good shape and i did annas begginner moves for most of it and i was able to do it feeling great afterwards.

    I want to move up to the original moves (DONKEY KICKS!!)

  4. It was too damn difficult and fast to get the moves. Some moves are only for professionals. I managed to do half of the workout and now going to search for other suitable ones.

  5. menos es mas says:

    Mi Rutina. Nueva ❄️🎇🎆💞🍾🍾2019

  6. That was some intense cardio! I agree with some others that it was waaay to fast to be able to do this straight through the first time, with all my pauses and rewinds it took me an extra 8 minutes. I also had to keep pausing because my body was not in a cardio move today, but hey that's the great thing about YouTube! My 2019 goal will be able to do this video without pausing or rewinding, and with light hand weights for some of the movements.
    Instructor note: Please stop telling me to smile, I'm trying not to pass out. Stop pausing every few beats to stand and talk, I'm following you to do the movements – when you stop it throws me off.

  7. Agnes Plewa says:

    I just did this workout and it feels amazing. It is a bit intense, but you can follow modified moves!!

  8. The exercise is very useful for beginners and beginners. The difference between them is only the number and thanks from the heart

  9. Ginger Lili says:

    Woa! This workout gave me a new challenge.

  10. Ok well I’m a fat kid and this was really hard for me, unfortunately I only got threw abt 15 mins with lots of breaks but I’ll keep coming back til I can do it all with less then 5 breaks 👍

  11. fan stan says:

    honestly I didnt enjoy this one

  12. I loved this !! I’m going to do this everyday I owe this to myself

  13. scotty06 says:

    How much calories do you burn from this workout if you are 132 pounds?

  14. Nattycakes says:

    Everyone whining, just do the blasted modification geez

  15. Nattycakes says:

    I love her energy, she's amazing

  16. Kiah Non-ya says:

    Put it on slow motion l

  17. Kirsty Unwin says:

    this was SUCH a good workout, if you're a beginner the moves might be little too fast paced but I loved how much was packed into 30 mins!! The instructors energy made me feel amazing and really smile. thank you so much for this resource

  18. who else is excersizinh and reading the comments at the same time

  19. Sandy vdh says:

    Ich bleibe bei #Hiit together workouts. At least they come across as real people.. and its far better explained while still having a pace thats high. And they tell u the next move….
    Take a look at their workouts, their medium difficulty workouts are achievable and they dont have annoying background music…
    I like the WIRO KELLY and DEWI workout

  20. Emma N says:

    how many calories (ish) does this burn?

  21. Wowwww perfectt cardio workout.. sweating profusely lolol

  22. A break needs to be more than 10 seconds.

  23. 30 min flew by and I am sweating!!!!

  24. Good grief her voice is so annoying!! The moves are all uncoordinated and too fast. She's just too blah blah blah for me. The other pop sugar instructors are far much better.

  25. Zoe Thomas says:

    I love this one, I wish it was longer

  26. NASHA Travel says:

    fuck! this one probably the hardest one i have done so far. and i already done over an hour excercise of plyo at this gym this morning so i guess a treat for me is deserved lol.

  27. Joy Suga says:

    I am really feeling the burn

  28. Alison Myers says:

    I shut it off after 10 minutes. The instructor screamed way too much (there's motivating and then there's over-the-top/annoying) and moved too fast. Plank jacks and mountain climbers have no place in a warmup so seems like she's ignorant about workout safety too.

  29. That Guy says:

    4 days ago I wasn't able to get past 28:45 without feeling like I'm going to die Now 22:42. Luck? I think not! I will make it the whole video. Seems impossible but so did 4 days ago.

  30. Anyone have a guess on how many calories this workout burns?

  31. Um, no. Thought it would be enough to reach the point of soreness but, no, just not enough.

  32. Favorite work out video so far! Thanks!

  33. Annelisa says:

    omg i'm sweatin' buckets

  34. This was really good, really enjoyed doing this just now as a morning work out. Definitely going to be doing this one again! Goes nice and fast so you never get bored!

  35. Sinead Alek says:

    Brilliant workout, I can really feel and see the difference in just 3 times I've done it! (with my usual very healthy and balanced diet) just maybe a bit too much thigh exercise, I always have to go on the modification after a few of the sets because my legs wouldn't do it 😂

  36. Dude this is HARD!!!! Lol enjoying it

  37. Sam Leigh says:

    I have been doing hits for 2 years now and with HIT workouts you just have to accept that they’re gonna be fast, the goal of these is to get your heart rate up quick enough so you can actually burn fat, I think if you’re tall or more out of shape it can be difficult to go as fast as them but thats totally okay you can simply pause I’m 5’8 so getting up from a squat takes me a little longer, just go at your pace and try your very best to catch up. This workout really motivated me, I do think it was very fast but if you want to burn fat in any workout sometimes doing your best isnt enough if you want results you have to be uncomfortable.

  38. Satai Miller says:

    That, was, awesome! I feel so dead now. The cool down was really nice =)

  39. kaylee says:

    is this something i can do in between leg days? dont wanna kill my muscles

  40. Emelie says:

    how on earth does anyone keep up with her

  41. This was so difficult to follow 🙁 It's probably really great for someone who understands dance instruction. It took me three sets to understand what moves I was doing next. It was very intense and energizing though!

  42. The chick is energetic…but workout isn’t really to the beat anymore than any other workout and she doesn’t streamline moves to properly teach them for good form, which could be not good for those with knee injuries. Kind of seems she is more concerned with her look and attempted vibe of exuberance.

  43. This was hard! Quite a challenge, but glad I came across this vid! I also have some workouts on my channel if anyone would care to take a look! Thanks for putting me to work!

  44. You do not need to yell at people to motivate them / pump them up. Please take note and stop yelling 😣 couldn't get through 1 minute of this workout, had to move to something less stressful sounding.

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