3 CARDIO METHODS TO GET LEAN AND BURN FAT | How to lose weight and retain muscle mass

This video will show you effective methods to burn fat while retaining muscle mass!

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Full workout program below, just take a screenshot and you’re good to go!

10sec sprint / 10sec rest
10set x 3 rounds

4min sprint/jog
2min sprint – 13.0 speed
2min jog – 9.0 speed
2min sprint – 13.0 speed
2min jog – 9.0 speed
Repeat 2-4times
Rest rime 1-2min

4min incline intervals;
1min – 0% 13.0 speed
2min – 3% – 12.0 speed
3min – 6.5% – 9.0 speed
4min – 10.5% – 7.0 speed
One time or Repeat for 2-4times
Hi guys! Follow me to the gym for a killer cardio session 🙂 This session is perfect if you are short in time but wan’t to work your body effectively after a gym workout. This is a HIIT workout, high intensity interval training, which is good for burning fat and at the same time keeping your muscle mass. I also talk a bit about fat burning in general and how you can’t target burn fat from a specific place, like do sit-ups to burn fat from your belly and get a six pack, no no. It doesn’t work like that. So here you go, hopefully a useful cardio workout and also my cardio philosophy on top of that! Much love!
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24 Responses

  1. How’re you so damn tan? !

  2. I tried this and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it i felt so good once I was done I was super sweaty completely drenched I will do it again. Is it okay to do daily or do you recommend leaving some days out?

  3. Sally Maè says:

    Helpful video ❤️

  4. akicaa says:

    Vilka övningar bör man göra för att få mindre axlar Hanna? (Har breda axlar och vill gärna få dem mindre)

  5. Candice Tweh says:

    Thank you I’m subscribed and ready to train hiit I was doing 30seconds on and off trying it your way maybe I was doing it wrong

  6. This video was incredibly helpful thank you

  7. abfab47 says:

    You look like Megan Fox in your intro

  8. Does it matter if I do cardio before or after?

  9. I appreciate the music ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. ”fetching tuti space” (Google it) is a diet regime that got me definitely enthusiastic. This kind of program was the reason why my pal managed to shed 11 pounds. I have been utilizing this for 3 weeks and have shed twelve pounds already. I didnrrrt make any major changes in my lifestyle. The plan shown me how to regulate the amount of fat I ingest..

  11. jesus i would die trying that the way she does it is smooth as hell

  12. Where can I start training for HIIT? for any beginners wants to get into regimen working out, just want to get rid of belly stubborn fatty.

  13. Girl thank you 💕 those leggings ! I need !! 😬😍😍

  14. 2012 says:

    great running form

  15. Hey Hanna 😀
    I run 2 minutes fast 2 minutes walk for 20 minutes … now the question, how many times a week 2 or 3 times?

  16. Have tried other HIIT method previously , it was good but I wanna try ur method too at the same time~ hehehe

  17. lily boucher says:

    For my part i do cardio BEFORE because when i go to the gym i always give my 100% do supersets and i am telling you girl i sweat. so i can’t do cardio at the end i have zero energy even sometimes i do it fasted, 5x a week. I have more muscles than all the girls in the gym, so i would say it is not a one size fit’s all every body needs to try what is working for them.

  18. Pink Nerd says:

    Omg I have been running a mile and walking a mile at home out doors. I have been doing it for almost a year and I have been running it faster. I have been losing weight but it has been slow and I haven’t been sweating as much as when I first began. I heard you say that you should do cardio after a workout but the whole time I have been doing the running and walking as a workout😂. What should I do so that I can spend up the weight loss?

  19. Pea Holland says:

    U r Soo beautiful!!!!

  20. Well the speed I could handle for a 2 min sprint would be like a jogging I guess, since I can barely jog for more than that without already feeling exhausted :')
    So my jogging speed in this session would be walking speed or less hahaha omg I'm feeling sad about my cardio level now

  21. Bunga Alika says:

    do you do this everyday??

  22. That tan though, lol sorry girl. Your pretty cool though remind my of myself the style and hair. I love to run outside, I’ll jog run then sprint. It get my so out of breath and sweaty and I love it💪🏻💦💯🙏🏻💛 I HIIT Hard

  23. Jama Mama says:

    What I like about her is that she's not trying to film a soft porn series at the gym. I appreciate that
    And she's informative AND beautiful and not full of shit lol well done Hanna ❤️

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