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45 Responses

  1. Al Cox says:

    I workout and watch fitness blender videos all over the world wherever I am.
    Thanks for helping me stay healthy both mind and body! Cheers!

  2. Definitely one of my favorites! It is fun, makes you work, but not a killer, excellent for a workout towards the end of the week when I’m barely making it to the end of the weekly goal 😂

  3. John Galvin says:

    Great workout! This started out easy, then gets tougher until you're near the end. You must have a stomach like granite, those were really tough. Over quickly. Thanks.

  4. Noldy says:

    Workout complete 22.10.2018 – 7.20 PM #FBFit

  5. I woke up early enough before going to class to do this workout and even thought I'm dripping in sweat it feels so good to work hard everyday for your dream body. Thanks Kelly!

  6. naughtyat25 says:

    Super awesome! My abs are toasted!

  7. I'm the biggest fun of you and you also work hard with as thank you

  8. Meiru Ludlow says:

    Thank you for the video. I really enjoyed the workout!

  9. Meiru Ludlow says:

    Thank you for the Video. I really enjoyed it.

  10. GoldVesp says:

    One of the best workouts you have on your list

  11. Candy Corn says:

    I'm dripping omg that was great

  12. adri adri says:

    Hi, i love these exercises. Is this enough for the day or should i do something else? Thank you.

  13. Should one do the same exercise of yours everyday for a week or change to any other set of exercise of your channel the next day ? @fitnessblender

  14. Leah Marie says:

    I just tried this one and really liked it. I was sweaty and out of breath by the end lol. Even though it was from 2013!


  16. Great workout high intensity.

  17. Noldy says:

    Still tapped out on abs lol. I skipped the last round. Workout incomplete 05.11.2017 – 4.11am #FbbusyPeopleRound2

  18. I never liked training or somethi g like this …but i was 72 kg now I am 60 kg …👌 In 1 year ….i do 5 times a week 👌hard 😕 but it is worth it

  19. Pinky Maela says:

    Enjoyed it one more time, Fitnessblender I'm a fan.

  20. Fitness blender you are so awesome☺ Hello from Serbia!

  21. what happen if not wear shoes? is it ok?

  22. dear Kelly, thank you for this amazing workout.
    P. S. how can I avoid lower back pains when i am doing toe touch crunches?

  23. i been working out with your guys videos for a whole year now and i went from 145 pounds to 125 and from size 10 of jeans to a size 5 THANK YOU

  24. Charlotte says:

    I love this video!! I'm so glad that I find this channel!!! But I find it easier to do it without shoes, is it good??

  25. John Galvin says:

    Tough workout, feels like I've done a 5 mile run. I failed miserably with the bicycle crunches. Cool down was a welcome break.

  26. i loved it all the way. never got bored, the variety is awesome. feeling good. Thank you

  27. Jazzmin gold says:

    Love you Kelly. You show that trainers are not perfect. When it is hard, you say it is hard. You don't sugarcoat.

  28. EnchantedMal says:

    I always get really really bad side cramps when I do the jumping oblique twists… Am I doing them wrong…?

  29. Thank you again, guys! I was surprised when I saw this video is from 2013! Love you!

  30. Thanks, it was great. I love this workout!!

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