Hugh Jackman's WOLVERINE WORKOUT Kicked. My. Ass.

I busted my ass for 10 weeks, working out more than I ever have. Eating more than I thought I possibly could. But it was WORTH IT.

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You can find the routine I used here:

Props to Hugh Jackman and his wolverine workout / diet. What an incredible guy for being able to achieve that physique he had for all those X men films. Can’t wait to see him in Logan soon! 🙂

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Two Feet – Go Fuck Yourself

Tony Romera – Never Give A F

K?D – Mortem

Have a great week guys! More videos coming soon 🙂

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24 Responses

  1. tcooch07 says:

    wow that's impressive. I can't imagine that was easy. Nicely done man

  2. Indiana Joe says:

    Damn! Great job! THAT took a LOT of discipline!

  3. Dan Kirslis says:

    I did that workout myself for that many weeks also. It hurts but it's worth it.

  4. MGChris says:

    great video, nice editing and thumbs up for all natrual. quite impressed with what you ve packed on.

  5. jan dubovan says:

    nice but you don’t need that much food. And 7 days in th gym covers the 7 parts of your body to focus on. arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders, calfs, conditioning

  6. Lewis Allan says:

    4:22 Noobs don't watch this video at normal…2x it!

  7. Jason Pe says:

    Hollywood secret broken right now…. Steroids…..

  8. Emre says:

    5:39 To be honest, the lighting is very different in those photos. It's not very comparable.

  9. You guys have too much free time…

  10. hoytoy100 says:

    Hackman also has a dedicated professional trainer to motivate him. And a million dollar contract to satisfy. So that helps.

  11. hoytoy100 says:

    Wow. It improved his posture and made him taller!

  12. Feuerbringer says:

    I appreciate your effort and there is some noticeable change, but next time try to not be dishonest with the before/after picture in order to make it look like more than it is by purposely leaning your shoulders back, sticking your belly out, neutral facial expression (instead of dominant) and a heavy difference in lighting to make the shadows highlight your muscles.
    It's embarrassingly obvious and doesn't do your credibility any good.

  13. Adam says:

    3:40 From week 7, how much money did you spend on food a week!? All that every day can't be cheap!

  14. Wow…Impressive muscle gains! They use intermittent fasting to pack on muscle.

  15. Eyesaac says:

    Looks like this dude only lost weight and toned up a bit. Want a real challenge? Post before and after pics without changing the lighting color, lighting position, camera lens, or lens focal length. All of which help exaggerate the shadows in the muscles, creating an artificial sense of size. Oh I forgot– showing very marginal results don't get you subscribers…..

  16. lol can I have my 6 min back?

  17. Mike Adams says:

    Congrats for sticking with it… I did something similar (major workouts and lots of protein) for a year or so… got super fit, but found that for the long term it was unsustainable. If I'd have done it in my 20s, maybe, but doing it at age 40 was some serious work.

  18. Can u plz tell me what excercises were done each day n how many reps plz

  19. How did you get his exact workout and meal plan? Was it published?

  20. Basically a result what any other workout plan would make. Running just makes your body look more shaped. If you are consistent in your workouts slowly but you will definitely notice results at some point and after that it will only get better.

  21. Daxxie GFX says:

    5:39 you vs the guy she told you to not worry about , good job

  22. Per Sørlie says:

    Photo differences… one picture of pulling in tummy and standing more straight… common man…

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