Low-Impact Cardio and Toning Workout That's Perfect For Beginners, Too | Class FitSugar

This low-impact cardio and toning workout torches calories.

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49 Responses

  1. X2Y2 says:

    Approx. how many calories does this burn?

  2. Great Workout! Witout jumps I can do it at 2am in my flat. Thank you for ways to modifiye it in both ways! The burn is real and great. <3 It gives enough time to change positions and stuff without wasting any second. I am finally back into fitness after I had to stop all sports for 10 years. Sending lots of Love!

  3. Rebecca Cox says:

    The one supposed to be doing modifications wasn't even doing them, like do y'all not practice before or something

  4. Charlene Jo says:

    Wow…for being low-impact, that was intense! It felt so good though.

  5. so much back pain while doing exc

  6. Well by half way I was drenched in sweat and laying on the ground panting, ready for death, but then I decided NO!! and I got up and finished it. My knee raises barely got off the ground by the end but I did my best and now I’m feeling amazing !!!! Thank you 🤘💪😅

  7. I am sweating bullets, this was awesome. I follow Lauren's YT as well, and I am glad to see she appeared on PopSugar, too (even though I am late for the party. :))

  8. My workout every morning love it!!!

  9. So this video is sorta great but the tuttis misleading. It’s not really low impact. I say this because I have an injury and not allowed to jump. Also beginners is also incorrect. An advanced beginner yes a complete beginner no. This would not be enticing if your new to exercising. The video is good but the video name is incorrect. Low impact not really the modifications are low impact but that’s the thing. The modification.

  10. LM_vids says:

    They weren’t doing the moves that great

  11. This is not a beginner's workout, beginner's don't have the flexibility for some of those moves and can't stay in sumo squats etc for that long, if you are a real beginner, start with something else! Plenty of other workouts much more fun and better suited to real beginners! And it's quite boring doing the same moves for so long each time! Shame because I was glad to see a trainer who is not super skinny like most but didn't enjoy this workout at all …

  12. Topol mopollllliiii

  13. did only half the first time i tried, wow, i'm in a bad shape T_T

  14. Lily Raimey says:

    Those muscles are killer. It’s hard for me to find good cardio routines that work for me, because I have bad ankles.

  15. Good workout. Will use again. Not what I call 'low impact', more like medium. Says a lot.

  16. Fg Fg says:

    She's a little too chubby to be teaching workouts!

  17. Thank You This helps alot and Of course Im curvy as well and I just started doing this yesterday

  18. I like the concept of this workout, but I found it very boring and repetitive. I wouldn't recommend.

  19. whohash says:

    This was great, but wtf with the extra commentary the whole time. Jesus. It was so distracting while trying to focus on the workout.

  20. I have 2 good things to say about this workout
    1. The trainer looks amazing i love love her body. No stereotypes bodies.
    2. When i previewed it i almost stopped doing it thinking it's too easy. But it's actually moderately hard. I burn 275 calories. Iam 64kgs and 154cm tall.

    Only negative is that breathing that's too loud from one of those 3 ladies. That's so annoying.
    Otherwise good workout. Have added it to my fav list

  21. Konstadina S says:

    It's really perfect for begginers,not boring and exactly what a cardio-hater needs…(this low impact cardio…I really enjoy it).

  22. Jenn Fur says:

    Completed 12/5/18. Picked this since Neil asked for aerobics and we're getting back into working out together after not working out for a month due to my rib injury. He liked the way the trainer seemed to use yoga moves, like fire breathing. I found this video just okay, as there were some moves I didn't see the point of. If you want something easy, do this video, future-self.

  23. Dena Aston says:

    Love this!!! Great for all fitness levels especially in the am when you dont feel like a crazy intense workout. I really felt worked! More like this please!!!

  24. Nadvia Davis says:

    A true beginners workout. I'm working through a knee injury at the moment so I appreciated the modifications.

  25. Angel09 says:

    Just did this till 26 minutes & burned 260 kcal! Loved this 🙂 Next time will try my best to finish it! I weigh 180 pounds if it helps anybody.

  26. So glad to revisit this great heart pounding, thigh burning, sweaty low impact workout!

  27. Excellent workout!!!

  28. cant do this one enough! 3 x the charm!

  29. Could do without the background comments and oh yeahs. But great workout!

  30. I picked low impact because of my back. I pulled my back out in the first few mins of this…. it’s a lot of strain on the lumbar spine.

  31. Jiuls says:

    She is a great trainer, but she should really work on one thing … her counting. 😀

  32. Becca Rhew says:

    Not for me—the constant “wooo!” and “yeah!!” from the backup ladies was too cheesy and annoying for me.

  33. pnuts says:

    Love that body! Love the representation! Gives me positive vibes and confidence! Every body, everywhere, flaunt what you got!

  34. This is definitely NOT beginner friendly. Holding poses for 5 minutes at a time and doing things that purposely hurt people's backs. Awful video.

  35. D Kalita says:

    Great workout. Really liked the instructors. Thank goodness that other screaming woman is not in this video.

  36. Erica B. says:

    WOW, I've done numerous PopSugar Fitness Videos, and this one kicked my a$$!

  37. Jowitaxoxo says:

    Omgggggg the loud breathing is so distracting! Turn up the music!! Omg. Awful!

  38. Maybe put a disclaimer that this workout isn't good for those with low back pain. Ouch.

  39. This is not for beginners 😡😡😠😠

  40. six Jordan says:

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  41. This was refreshing!! thank you

  42. Athina G. says:

    I like this workout. Really tough!!! 😘😍

  43. I liked this trainer a lot! Got a great without doing this video. The only thing was that, for me, there were too many jumps for a low-impact workout.

  44. how many calories u burned during this?

  45. Modified? WTH? she needs to notch it down much further

  46. Love the instructor but to much goofy chatter in the background from the peanut gallery.

  47. Nibbler800 says:

    What?? A NORMAL average body-type woman representing here??? Surely the media-machine police are gonna turn up and shut this down shortly??!? No? GOOD! Well done Popsugar for 'allowing' this reality video!

  48. Dani Mark says:

    Can't finish this. This was a dumb exercise!

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