Check out Rory McIlroy’s full workout routine.

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40 Responses

  1. mikcall54 says:

    dead lift is what you should do if you never want to be able to walk.

  2. Some Person says:

    This is a good routine, I will have to borrow it 2 days a week to supplement my other training. Using it for disc golf instead of ball golf, but same principals of rotation and lateral explosive power.

  3. h3ll0gudbye says:

    My game always gets progressively worse as the holes go by because I get too tired, therefore my shots get sloppy lol…so I'm going to try this out, see how I go.

  4. rihanna and golf doesnt mix well

  5. radar0412 says:

    I wonder how Nicklaus, Hogan, Watson, Trevino, and Palmer won multiple majors, and avoiding golf injuries without these crazy Machinations? Lol…Bullshit

  6. Wayne Catlin says:

    I disagree, I think Rory has compromised his game by gaining all the muscle.
    He doesn't look as synchronised at all these days…
    His putting and wedges in and around 100-150 yards especially has suffered.

  7. rosihantu1 says:

    Chubby Rory is still the best.

  8. Corey Black says:

    Great channel, I'm pushing towards similar goals. How often do you work out during the golf season. I'm trying to be at the course training as much as possible, but sometimes feel I should be trading some time for the gym. With your long training plan (which is awesome) from the other video, it is hard to see how to complete all of that and go to the gym in one week.

    Do you change your training routine based on the season? I've heard of some people doing a completely different routine during the winter that is heavy on weights and then in the spring move to speed work outs.

  9. I cant stress enough how much leg workouts will help ur stability in ur swing. Doing ab and core work outs helped distance and actually helped me stay more stable in my putting stroke. Arm workouts seem to really help control my club path. I just avoid the chest work outs usually, bulking that part seems to inhibit my flexibility but I'm so glad I started working out for golf finally

  10. Will Rory complete the Grand Slam (by winning The Masters) before Jordan Spieth (who just needs a PGA Championship)? I like Rory (and his perfect golf swing) better than DJ, or the over stressed Justin Thomas. JT looks like he's in hell (maybe like Nick Faldo) when he's on the golf course. A painful expression on his face—his eyes big as saucers. He looked like he was on the Bataan Death March until he won that sudden death playoff against Luke List at The 2018 Honda.

  11. Chris Hansen says:

    Great video. I like how weights were only used twice and most of the moves can be done in a small room. An average golfer would find great benefits just by doing the warm up.

  12. emory Gooch says:

    I dont think I can manage that lateral duck walk thing in my local gym with a straight face lol. Specially if I do it wrong I'll look a right tit 😂

  13. Dustin Light says:

    Ok. Downloaded the Rory workout… Holy crap that kicked my butt.

  14. To much functional training in golf. You need to start by getting strong. After that you can do more golf related and functional training.

  15. adam heap says:

    Clearly just copied from the Nike fitness app. You can get rorys workout and many more on there…

  16. Mike Langton says:

    Weightlifting is hurting rorys hurting his career. Hopefully he does these basic exercises and stays off the weights.

  17. Mike Langton says:

    Rory I believe the weight lifting is hurting your golf game. Try yoga, tiger woods was dominate when he was thin and flexible.

  18. Tony k. says:

    I liked this stuff, fitness in golf is a BIG thing now.
    You should do more of this.

  19. Great videos! What exactly does the duck walk do? That’s the one I didn’t understand.

  20. Shark Tooth says:

    … because golfers train hard!! Lol

  21. Seems like too much warm up and stretching.

  22. Sam Matheson says:

    Great video mate 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  23. Thanks for this. At 67 I have been hitting the gym over the winter to get ready for spring. My hope is that I'll avoid the injuries (lower back and left shoulder) that severely limited my practice and playing last season. If I add a few yards that's a bonus. And yeah- I emphasize 3 sets of high reps and lighter weights- I want the DJ look rather than the Rory look.

  24. John Blank says:

    As soon as you start to add bulk to your body and you are a golfer, you will start to experience all sorts of problems that can have a long lasting negative effect. Light weight, high reps, stretching, a balanced diet, and practice is all that is needed.

  25. Great video! Glad I found your channel. It’s deadlift night!

  26. Fitness may be overrated for golf. Not sure Tiger would have had so many back issues. Rory has had many injuries over the past 5 years. Jason Day is another example. Has Phil ever actually been hurt? Food for thought.

  27. Thats the exact same workout than the one on Nike Training app

  28. TheBagBalm says:

    I want an ass like Rory. How can i get it like his?

  29. Brad K says:

    This is the exact workout from the Nike Training Club app

  30. Dan Wright says:

    I like the video and the routine. My personal practice is less reps and moving slower. It is more difficult to move slow. When you practice moving slowly it becomes easier to move fast when you need to. Cheers!

  31. Michael S says:

    Go to Russia and pull a wagon like Rocky.

  32. Mcilroy should focus on his golf rather than his workouts. Guess what your a golfer not a olympic athlete. Majors have dried up since he wanted to become an "Athlete"

  33. Another great vid! Love the variety of topics and humor!

  34. S As says:

    Thanks for the info Rob (if that’s your real name). I work for a living so when the weather gets better I’m hoping to play some golf in my spare time, I don’t think I’ll have time or money for the gym. I do understand the need for warm up and stretching to help prevent injury. I’ll have to find a cut down version. Keep the videos coming.

  35. Great stuff Rob as usual, even at nearly 60 i work with a personal trainer for my golf. probably even more important at my age. I use a lot of straps and bands which help with shoulder rotation. I do very little weights, bike and rowers for stamina. how about a vid of healthy eating protein, energy for the course. Sort of whats in my golf bag…food wise! Keep on keeping on!

  36. Rich Cabildo says:

    Wrong way to use the medicine ball. And why is it with every trainer there is the disparaging remark about the client? Never could figure that out…

  37. Excellent video again mate, really enjoying the content. I definitely will take these stretches on, gets the heart rate up!

  38. Great video! I have been arguing that this is the #1 reason tour players are hitting the ball longer. These guys finally train like professional athletes. Yes the ball goes longer, clubs are a factor, but in 2017 the average drive distance on the PGA tour was 289 yards…. the bigger, stronger men and women hit the ball further. I like the focus on fitness, well done!

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