FULL WEEK OF WORKOUTS | Monday – Friday Fitness Routine (vlog)

My Full Week of Workouts (VLOG) | Abs, Booty, Running, Yoga, Strength Training | MONDAY – FRIDAY WORKOUTS |

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kOCY0KNByw

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47 Responses

  1. Please make this kinda videos a lot

  2. hajer haider says:

    من العراق 😍😍

  3. Jinna Park says:

    Really enjoyed this video!! Love this type of recap vlog style video. Are you trying to lose any fat? Or are you just maintaining what you already have achieved? I was scrolling through your videos hoping to find a how to lose weight type of vid but didn’t see one.. so would love to see something like that! Even if you’re not personally trying lose any more fat, I’d like to hear your personal goals too!

  4. NyaMarie13 says:

    LOVED this video sm !! would def love to see more fitness videos 🥰

  5. I was just about to start a workout routine from this week and Renee can just read my mind I guess😂💓

  6. Lia _ says:

    How glorious it must be to have an empty gym like this

  7. Dayvibez says:

    New YouTube alert 🚨


    Check out my fitness haul!!

  8. Erica says:

    Love this video, great motivation for my workouts this week and staying healthy! Would love to see more of these!

  9. Jacqueline W says:

    Yes yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️ 🙌 I have the same Alo mat!

  10. imahappycat says:

    Hi Ney! I like these videos. I workout at home and you gave me good ideas. Plan to check out the yoga you have above. Need to find the perfect one for me. Off to do some weights. Love you!

  11. Bella 0407 says:

    Do you use an app to time your circuits? 🙂

  12. *always wanted to try to film hot yoga, I want to soon! It sounds very painful but also rejuvenating and soothing. Great video! I agree with fitness feeling more like therapy for me, like what you said about yoga. 🙂

  13. Where did you get your ankle weights from? ✨

  14. Your videos are amazing! I'm following a lot of your advice and am seeing some positive awesome changes! Thank you so much 🖤🖤🖤

  15. Love you my inspiration ❤️

  16. Nice I also lieft weaights of 8 lb and I do grownups

  17. Ok, but who won the sprint race though?

  18. Atwiss says:

    You can use my music in your awesome videos ❤

  19. Definitely need to start working out as part of a routine again😅

  20. Adnan A says:

    Nice vid. What are your workout goals?

  21. your skin looks extra amazing in this video!!!

  22. Thanks for the inspiration! After watching this video, I literally hit the gym and did cardio and abs. You rock!

  23. I really like the way you did this video! it was inspiring without being too in detail and long with the workouts like how some fitness gurus do their videos. (Not bashing anyone's videos, just saying that this style workout vlog was perfect for me)

  24. You motivate me, Renee. Thanks and 😚 from Belgium

  25. Cam and Kels says:

    yaaasss i needed this! seriously obsessed with all your videos 😻

  26. Tanya says:

    Hi Renee, great video! I love your style of intuitive exercising. Do you ever do upper-body strength training (arms/shoulders)?

  27. This is so inspiring and amazing btw I LOVE the music u use in ur videos for background music I’ve even added them to my Spotify here’s my Spotify if u want to follow me on there batmanraghad love u so much Renee 💖❤️😘💕😘😘😘💖💖💖💖💖

  28. This is exactly what I needed 😋

  29. I loved everything! 💕

  30. I love your video. Your lifestyle is very motivational! Lots of love from South Korea😘

  31. Excellent! Love it. I make fitness logo. Please check: http://psce.pw/DREF7

  32. Bass Rebels says:

    Awesome, thanks for using our music ☺🎶

  33. I also must learn to exercise! I will work again tomorrow. It's nice and envious🧚‍♂️

  34. sweet human says:

    house tour please!💗

  35. I totally love your videos
    Sooo inspiring
    Can you do a reset routine (updated edition)

    With lots of love

  36. Starwave says:

    Hey Renee, just curious to know how old you are ?

  37. I wish i had a real life friend like you! You are such a nice person, only watching your videos make me feel like I’ll be out of my bad times somehow! Thank you Renee!

  38. Perfect week! ❤️❤️🇮🇳

    I'm a small study tuber.

  39. Terrific work out Routine Renee sweetie, I’ll totally give these workouts a try. You look amazing❤️xo xxx!

  40. Yay am so early this time. ❤

  41. Juli says:

    You motivate me so much! Your videos have helped me so much. I am so glad I found you😊 Motivation at its finest💪🏽💪🏽

  42. imed tb says:

    love your vidéos from algeria

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