Quick and Effective: FULL Upper Body Workout | Science-Based

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Workout starts at 3:00

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Hope you enjoyed my intensity techniques that enables you to get in a great workout that is QUICK and EFFECTIVE. Enjoy! xoxo



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1.What is your ethnicity?
‣ Mom is Thai and Dad is Canadian..Eh?
2. How tall are you?
‣ 5’4″
3. How old are you?
‣ 27
3. What are you researching?
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4. Is Jeff my boyfriend?
‣ Duh
5. Is that your real hair?
‣ Yes
AYOOO!! My name is Stephanie Buttermore and in a few words I am a fitness enthusiast but a scientist at heart!

Just obtained my Ph.D. in pathology and cell biology with a research focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive ovarian cancer progression. Hope you stick around! xoxo

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48 Responses

  1. WHAT UPPPP! Comment below what your favorite techniques are for getting in a quick but EFFECTIVE workout 👇 Much love xoxox

  2. I love the tip to keep my elbows down so I can avoid activating my traps. With my body type, my traps build so easy and I always dread upper body days because I do not want to bulk in the trap region. Thank you!

  3. Grace Doty says:

    So helpful! Stephanie, can you do a video on how to avoid/prevent developing "neck bands"? I've been avoiding lifting heavy on upper body days because my neck totally hulks out during and after training upper body. Can this be prevented by changing my form/doing anything differently? Love your videos! xoxoxo

  4. I just love it that you sweat enought in your workouts but your makeup never lapse. Hahaha. I love watching your videos!

  5. JinGai says:

    Damm your body looks like shit !!!!!!!!!!

  6. s2iya says:

    my grandmother enjoyed this session…

  7. Sue M says:

    Too much of momentum during lateral raise.. which is a strict No!

  8. Hanan Ali says:

    Oooooh you come tp egypt welcom im egyption

  9. trick chins says:

    You going to act like you natty too? Fat burners?

  10. Hey Stephanie🙌
    Admirable fan here on ur workouts and how in shape u are.
    I have looked through ur videos, maybe I have missed it but wanted u to show a video on good bust exercises please? Hoping machine related, which ones work best to lift girls up and add some muscle at same time please not in a masculine way though lol
    Thank u so much🙏

  11. Jose Reyna says:

    SOB! She's a beautiful Asian woman. Jeff is ugly. Jeff is not even good looking. I'm way more good looking and handsome.

  12. Mrs Madame says:

    your body is so beautiful <3

  13. Hope my man is tearing that ass up 1:38

  14. Radeno 33 says:

    Wow u are looking amazing. All hard work pays off. Nice body shape, love your long hair and beautiful eyes. Last but not least magical smile 🤗
    Many greetings from 🇸🇰

  15. Flori B. says:

    I’m doing upper body today and needed some new ideas, so I came to you, thank you for that!
    The problem with upper body is that I made great progress really fast, so my back is pretty wide and the pects well shaped and now I feel limited with workouts. Can you give tips for not getting my back or chest too bulky/manly? 🙁

  16. I'm a girl and i want traps, big traps

  17. Violet M says:

    What cute shoes are you wearing there? Brand, model, year, price…? ❤️

  18. Amy Pham says:

    Stephanie, I am a recent subscriber and I love your videos! I've been in a funk for a year because of an injury and I have lost my motivation, but seeing you and your videos helps a lot! Thank you!!!!

  19. Chest exercises feel so good! I love making the girls perkier 😋

  20. Sydney Hill says:

    Where is your workout shirt from?

  21. Oma Uchendu says:

    My brother and I were arguing about how Asianyou are. Are you fully Asian. Are you mixed. Or is one of your parents Asian and the other half- Asian.

  22. Mishka1811 says:

    So glad you mentioned the chest to fill in that area. Same with me, I could be a great weight but still see my ribs in my chest. Thank you for the tip!

  23. M says:

    Came for a workout… Got a blog. 😕🤔😑

  24. Tata Livette says:

    3:00 to get to the routine

  25. Shell Bell says:

    Easy, to the point and no BS 👏🏽 love it

  26. I Love UR PANNKAKES Can I TRY THM SOoN TTWO DAYS Butter Red JaM.Lil KisseZ

  27. As a fellow 27 year old female that also tends to mostly work lower body (it's addicting), I was stoked to check your workouts and find something like this! Thank you for listing the workout at the end. Such a fan of you, girl!

  28. Hi Stephanie! Love your workouts! On the back extension machine, what I like to do to activate my glutes more is pointing my toes outwards, just like in a sumo squat or even more. that way I cannot activate my quads so much (at all even) and the whole movement is felt by the glutes and maybe a little on the lumbar muscles. Also I've noticed that it helps not to stick my soles to the machine, just let them hover and stabilise on the calves. I'm definitely stealing your splits! Love from Romania, home of the deadlifts hahaha xx

  29. Laura Olier says:

    You are so nerd and cute, love it!!

  30. Deanna M says:

    Can you pleeeasee do a video on losing fat/gaining muscle?!?

  31. Tacomaholic says:

    9:34 The guy on the treadmill doesn't seem 100% focused on his cardio.

  32. Hi just a question, not meant to criticize or anything but just curious.. have you ever watched the Netflix movie "what the health".. and/or read the book called the China study? The reason why I ask because as you are a healthy lifestyle advocate, what's ur take on animal products and byproducts? ( I am not vegan myself, just getting your opinion) thanks!

  33. Shani Morris says:

    I tried this yesterday and it hurt so good! Thank you so much. I always feel like i have to work twice as hard on upper body to be effective.

  34. That butt touch in the end of the workout though

  35. 3:45 "good job… mmmm" – lol

  36. biceps tríceps and traps?

  37. Drew Smith says:

    Ya'll are crazy with these endorsements. The mid-set sponsor endorsement thing got me laughing. Keep up the great videos!

  38. thank you for putting the full workout list at the end 🙂 x

  39. hipnhappenin says:

    Dope video on steroids 😂

  40. Allie Nicole says:

    Hi Steph! Do you have any more google doc exercise plans besides the glute training split?

  41. Ella A says:

    Pancake recipe please!

  42. Yanely Diaz says:

    Just found you on YouTube! Loving the info you give on everything!

  43. Random question I have those shorts and love them but they come with lined underwear and it always gives granny lines. What do you do to not get those?

  44. OUI! I struggle with ribs showing there too. I am will make changes to my upper body day, thank you!!

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