Joe Rogan Workout Routine/Training 2018

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29 Responses

  1. You need to find a face training exercise..then..I might believe you bitches

  2. The harder you train..the older you get..bitches…your old body can't handle that much stress..bitches….Not impres…

  3. This whole video is my new workout routine. No more bro splits.

  4. Cazanu' says:

    He is a machine, like an old bmw that can kick ass any day

  5. mexguit says:

    He does the weirdest exercises

  6. soakedbearrd says:

    Needs more kettlebell

  7. nikto45 says:

    hahaha! the guy is feeding the pads to Rogan. hahaha!

  8. Breath in life exhale fire live like the dragon. Live like Joe Rogan

  9. rename the video joe rogan breathing compilation

  10. MrVM41 says:

    If I had that archery game you would never drag me away from it, looks awesome.

  11. Jerry says:

    Joe "I don't skip leg day ever" Rogan

  12. Kallrog says:

    that's crazy man

  13. MohawkManny says:

    I could watch him train all day

  14. smackdowner says:

    That fat piece of trash dumbass Alex Jones thinks he would stand a chance against Joe Rogan lol

  15. Squash Head says:

    Good work out ideas.

  16. Everyone is a legend, pussy

  17. Cabacage says:

    6:25 I now know what sex with Joe Rogan is like.

  18. Henry Grand says:

    I'd pay good money to see Rogan vs Dana in the hexagon

  19. Kool-Aid Man says:

    God damn joe’a god some impressive looking quads

  20. CU EDITS says:

    No wonder his kicks are so damn powerful. Training his core like a monster

  21. Booty Jams says:

    Joe sounds like a garbage truck

  22. Joe is it true that you have a big fat dick? I Heard you are relentless in your persuation to destroy girls anus, you firce your big dick in their holes and you disk stretches them so musch that they never is the same

  23. Jon Greg says:

    He would fight much better than CM Punk.

  24. C_dubbz _ says:

    I need a burger and fries after watching this

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