MY FULL 30 DAY WORKOUT PLAN | Revealing the surprise

Hi fam! I wanted to share my workout plan with you guys so if anyone wants to train with me the next 30 days LETS DO THISSSSS lolol. Lets train insane and complain together when were sore. This has my full workout with reps, sets, splits, cardio, etc. Hope you enjoy it. THANKS!

Link to download workout plan:
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37 Responses

  1. Maria Nolan says:

    Oh no i got the email but it has no content 😥

  2. Do you know when 1up nutrition is going to restock on that flavor or protein??

  3. Kayla Dib says:

    I really like the look of your new buff bunny collection I hope I get to purchase them, the maroon color is my favorite 🥰

    And those extra hands you grew 😜🥰

  4. Joyce Tan says:

    Hey Heidi! Could you please share with us what editor you use for your videos?

  5. Lace E. says:

    Girl, Christian had me STRESSED that he was about to knock that whole container of protein over. 😂😂 Y'all are too funny!

  6. graku2025 says:

    liked and downloaded! thanks for the link and helping a student sista out!! <3

  7. So cool that you shared your routine with us!! 💕

  8. Kila Savoy says:

    Is this a 5 day a week program? Then repeat for the other weeks?

  9. Hannah Kulik says:

    Heidi you have the BEST WORKOUTS!!! Definitely trying this 30 day program! <3

  10. shell W says:

    Thank you so much for the program! I needed some motivation, and I think this will be it!

  11. bbtatro says:

    Can’t wait to try it!!

  12. Isa Panzer says:

    OMFG im laughing so hard !!I'm having the best time watching the protein part w Christian!!

  13. Honey Bree says:

    Thank you for the program!!

  14. Sarah Miller says:

    Wow!! It is so awesome that you're doing this 30 day program and letting us in on it for free!!! You're the best! Can't wait to follow along!

  15. Great vid Heidi! Your canvas is sick and I LOVE your new office ♥️ I want to coach myself to be more physically fit, could you make a video on someone can coach themselves, like your top tips?

  16. Cali Tex10 says:

    If I went to the gym could I buy some of the workout clothes ?? I live in Houston

  17. Thank you! I’d love to follow your plan. Can’t wait to learn what you eat as well.

  18. Kandice B says:

    Thanks for the free program!!!! I’m a single mom of three definitely appreciate it 🙂 I’ve actually been struggling finding a program to follow, very excited to try this out.

  19. Loving the office. Thank you sooooooo much for the free 30 Day plan. You're amazing.

  20. Bless your heart ❤️. Thank you for the free download!

  21. Elbee28 says:

    Lol your arms have gotten so buff!!!

  22. Heidi thanks so much for the free guide!!! You are so so kind for doing that. But i am having trouble downloading it. It’s taking me to a blank page that’s not loading 😭😭

  23. Tara Reese says:

    WHY did I not realize that y'all should visit the Houston Rodeo?? I was just down there from FtW with my oldest and her heifer and would have loved to have run into (cough, cough stalk) you!! Love your videos and your authenticity 💕

  24. Just tried out the shoulder day work out. Bomb af!!!! You should do videos on these to show the workout since everyone calls things a bit different 😂

  25. Thank you for the program Heidi! Can't wait for the launch & I'm definitely trying your program! xoxo!

  26. So excited to try this plan! Thank you Heidi!

  27. Dani R says:

    Thanks for the program and, one question, can you recommend a good dry shampoo? Thanks for the info!

  28. Maria Nolan says:

    Thank you!!! Lordy did i need this

  29. I’m so excited because I’ve been meaning to update my work out routine sense I find myself starting to plateau! But it won’t let me download it! 😭 is anyone else having this problem?

  30. Great vid!! ❤️👍🏽

  31. denise beth says:

    Thank you so much for your workout plan!!! You have been motivating me for 3 years now 💕I've learned so much from you 😊

  32. Sara Saenz says:

    What’s coming in the next launch?!? So essited!!!

  33. Replicator says:

    Your dog is so cute lol

  34. I seriously love the fact you did this for free. I’ve never seen anyone else do it and it just shows how appreciative you are of your viewers. 😩❤️

  35. Faith Lawson says:

    Downloaded the 30 day program! Can’t wait to try it out!

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