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  1. Felix Jones says:

    I think you call that an alcoholic.

  2. harlemdeni says:

    You on trt, my guy. Don't give me that diet bullshit.

  3. LJ S says:

    this dudes cool, but i have too much anxiety over losing my abs to drink beer everyday :/

  4. What if I gotta bust somebody’s ass righttttt now…???😈🤣

  5. Salute to this dude. From Brooklyn nyc 🇮🇹💪🏽 God bless America

  6. koncsaj says:

    90% of the guys I played rugby with had this exact routine through college/uni.

    It works. Work hard, play hard.

  7. robbiepeterh says:

    People, when are we going to stop taking ourselves and our lives so seriously?

  8. E P says:

    This dude is the modern day Warrior Poet. Always prepared for anything, I like that…he lives in a state of preparedness. But he's not so hard core and up tight that he couldn't have a few beers and smoke a cigar.

    People freak out when they hear that but its not so hard to understand –  when you keep yourself in good shape, a few beers or smokes won't kill you…matter of fact you won't even feel it! It seems folks more and more have a hard time with moderation. They either are 100% straight edge, no alcohol, drugs (including nicotine and caffeine) or they're 100% NO edge, like smoking all day, drinking every night, guzzling coffee, medicines, smoking p0t etc. You CAN keep in shape and ready, but also enjoy alcohol and a smoke on occasion.

  9. gibememoni says:

    This guy is heading down a bad road drinking/smoking every single night, he's not young either which makes it even less sustainable. I've dealt with the same problem as him, during the day I'm fine being sober as long as I have something to do but at night I always needed something. It was either a xanax, beer, weed, kratom, some other type of pill, anything to chill me out at night because I'd get bored and restless. Its a bad road to go down and leads to full blown addiction. The way he said "4" beers made me think he really means about 6 – 8 + bourbon. That's fine once a week but every single night? You're playing with fire sir.

  10. romeo5-5 says:

    Wait wtf is wrong with cereal???

  11. Yautja Prime says:

    "Just buy a sauna and an ice bath." Rogan. I haven't heard somebody talk about spending that kind of money nonchalantly outside of a country club. Such an elitist…

  12. Short Round says:

    Mac is the freaking man. His workout columns in Recoil were the best!
    That quart of water in the morning might have a lot to do with the bourbon the night before !

  13. Dan Oratio says:

    …. So he's an alcoholic?

  14. But libtards say masculinity is toxic and that men should cry lmao!

  15. Nathan136 says:

    Glad i ain't the only one drinking after a workout lol

  16. S7V7NFîV5 says:

    Two glasses of coconut water with tuna & eggs has been curing my hangover for years, works every time.

  17. Zach Estep says:

    Common sense and toughness

  18. This guy is an alcoholic.

  19. Cigars are one thing. But that much Alcohol & on daily Basis? Yet he's talking about "Good Dieting"? Is he on juice?

  20. Eggs and bacon.. thank god he keeps it clean for breakfast.

  21. pizzulo81 says:

    I listen to my body too much. Every time I think about going to a gym it tells me, "back the fuck off. You don't need that shit."

  22. Donald Wood says:

    I’m sure his heart is in great shape

  23. ojaslayer says:

    Pat Mac is the shit!


  25. When I was working out really heavily dietitians would recommend all these different supplements, but during the recovery stage I would still feel the burn and agony even when I was due to lift and one time out of chance during my diet I just said instead of having a cheat meal I'll have a few beers, well all the pain and the burning in my muscles went away, So he is right beer does help with the recovery stage of working out, but you might develop a little kangaroo poach lol

  26. Bill Johnson says:

    99.9% of people don't have their own gym Joe

  27. Doesn’t need recovery bc he’s on the juice

  28. Jo Po says:

    Pat trains hard by day, and George Thorogood's by night.

  29. "Diet is huge…"
    Drinks four beers and some bourbon every night. SMH.

  30. Yung Money says:

    Anything can be a work out recovery when you take huge amount of testosterone, this is just mis leading when people train natural and are looking for valuable information

  31. One beer one bourbon one scotch

  32. Supreme ali says:

    You don't need anything for recovery because your doing functional training.

  33. Being in tuned with your body as you get older is my friggin mantra😂

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