Helping Men Fight Belly Fat

Listen up guys- In this week’s ‘Motivation To Move’ we’re learning why belly fat can contribute to a number of health issues, and some great ways to fight it.

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43 Responses

  1. BTFC BattleX says:

    “You need sleep” I have to wake up at 6:00AM for my bus Sir.

  2. B.G. Ibañez says:

    0:56 lol I heard "big FATtor"

  3. The picture of the burger and fries made me almost crack and stop working out and having a diet

  4. Watching this while I eat a big ass bowl of cereal

  5. moviedude22 says:

    Mrs. Soprano really turning over a new leaf after Tony passed I see

  6. URBAN HUNK says:

    With Out Question…..😜🤪

  7. BTFC BattleX says:

    I’m fat because I sit for almost half of my day in school

  8. di hayba says:

    I was soo fat, used to have massive back pains really massive pains due to my butt and breast, my clothing couldn't fit and, my jackets and trousers and tops were too small, so I got away from it. Throw them in the BIN, but now am losing weight really fast, I used to jog in the morning everyday and lost so much weight but when I stopped I end up eating pizza burger and fatty food, gain weight again, I throw half of my clothing away , lots of clothing and now am losing weight by not eating that much, just that am lazy to start jogging…. I love my body now, now at this moment I can walk naked in my home without feeling shy, feeling proud now!!

  9. P says:

    Spot reduction isn’t possible dumbass

  10. Seiji Kanda says:

    How about the graveyard shift guys? 😅

  11. NojusTV says:

    i broke my foot playing basketball and i never had weight but now i started getting weight and i cant run i cant do anything cuz of my injury i just have to stay at homeand im getting weight what should i do?

  12. Puchi poo says:

    She wants to suck his black dong

  13. The Bouys says:

    Guys don’t need to do this wanna loose fat ok this is what I do I’m 13 I used to be 130 lb and I got in a soccer team and I practice Tuesday Wednesday and Friday and plus that I jog everyday for 30 minutes(3.5 miles) each day but if you guys want to loose fat do that If you can jog 30 minutes just start with 10 than keep adding my goal is to get to 40 minutes jogging but it’s easy and something you can definitely do no excuses I have lost 23 pounds I’m now 108.

  14. Alt Penguin says:

    Spent years trying to lose weight and keep it off. Since December, I found a key secret to losing that belly weight. It's allowed me to lose 40lbs in 3 months without gaining any back! Want to know more – @t

  15. David D says:

    Title of this should say helping woman fight belly fat.not seen guys do these before

  16. Full Link🤣🤣🤣

  17. mahadow1 says:

    The best way to lose fat is to eat less and walk more!
    Apply this for two weeks and then call me back 🤙

  18. Hunter Adams says:

    Anyone know the beggining song

  19. Can i plank for my workout while lifting weigths

  20. KEGFamily YT says:

    Thanks so much it will help 😃😀

  21. Aditya Raj says:

    Obviously Youtube won't have the full video!

  22. 85% saying about porn
    10% learning
    5% motivation

  23. CREEPOFREEK says:

    Watched the video again and I have subscribed to your channel.

  24. CREEPOFREEK says:

    Thank you living healthy. I will try some of those exercises.

  25. jhon doe says:

    best way to fight belly fat is stop stuffing that black hole you call a mouth

  26. It works just do it for 2 weeks 30 mins of it

  27. Bryan Zhang says:

    "you need sleep" ME: watching this at 12 am with school in 8 hours.

  28. I don’t have a 6 pack, I’ve got a keg

  29. This was a useless videos

  30. I love that burger😍😍

  31. Random pictures of people ass walking down the street? 😂

  32. Daniel Ram says:

    how you.. going to.. work out in jeans my man…

  33. I reccomend this product called Flat Belly Fix @t

  34. Pranay Pandu says:

    She is actor in sex and the city

  35. Huncho Purp says:

    Stop being a wannabe just be yourself

  36. Jsauce says:

    The candy jar is just so good

  37. Please help me lose belly fat. I have been eating lesser than normal, doing ab exercises but not doing cardios. I am 14 years old and 98 kgs. I feel scared and nervous to leave the house as it isn't safe environment. Only doing ab exercises isn't burning fat. Please can somebody help me.

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