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Over the course of the next 12 weeks I’ll be going through an intense program featuring dumbbells only. Be sure to follow along!!

PHASE 2 – Full Body Plus

Note: In this second phase you’ll notice it’s titled “full body plus”. That’s because it’s introducing isolation movements to further the involvement of the smaller muscle groups while still focusing on the compound exercises. We’ll also be increasing the days you’ll be lifting. Making the compound movements slightly more complicated or difficult to further the overload on your body and sparking the adaptation process so you can continue seeing results.

{before each workout}
Jump Rope Warm Up: 5 minutes
Mobility Drills: 10 – 15 minutes
Rest Times Between Sets: 60 – 90 seconds


Full Body:
Overhead Split Squat 4 Sets x 8 Reps
Bent Over Row (support head on bench) 4 Sets x 8 Reps
Close Bench Press 4 Sets x 8 Reps
Scott Press 4 Sets x 8 Reps

Pull Over 3 Sets x 10 Reps
Around the World (chest) 3 Sets x 10 Reps

Windshield Wipers 3 Sets x 20 Reps (10 each side)

That completes day 2 of phase 2. See you next time for PHASE 2, Day 3!


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42 Responses

  1. p b says:

    Girl with grey yoga pants trying to get into every shot, butter face

  2. Nikos A says:

    Am I the only one that finds all these camera hungry girls absolutely pathetic and unattractive?

    Maybe I'm getting old:P

  3. Roko Dunk says:

    God Of War Workout please

  4. That chick was digging for free camera time.

  5. Geo Gil says:

    Get the camera guy to not include females in the shot. I had to go back in the video to pay attention to what you are saying. Smdh

  6. Jane Doe says:

    LOL, that chick in the background doing all kinds of vague shit with elastic bands, walking around like she is Beyoncé, looking at herself in the mirror constantly, and taking selfies…..it looks so desperate….😂

  7. aseem verma says:

    Which gym is this ??

  8. RPGeek says:

    Bought your dumbbell plan today. Bench and dumbbells are under way. Thanks for these videos, they surely help. Although I have to say I got more out of my money with your previous plans.

  9. Buff Dudes, shut the fuck up, first of all, before getting into those workout, come out and tell the truth about your fucking Steroids cycles. You lost respect from many fans over the years because you try to sell something that will only works to a specific level for natty people. Fuck you.

  10. @2:32 The guy in the background glances at Buff Dude's camera then does the Pee Wee Herman while doing tricep pulls. LOL

  11. T G says:

    that chick is distracting…lmao

  12. TRbeybifeyz says:

    seems the girl with the grey leggins is dying to be on camera

  13. Fit and 50 says:

    I’ve seen that Scott press done a couple different ways, but I trust the Buff Dudes to show me the right way.

  14. PcCAvioN says:

    Hello Ms gray pants

  15. Wuz up buff dudes love your videos I have one question do y'all take preworkout before training

  16. I'm ready to join this gym……for various reasons
    (reason 1 dat ass)

  17. Simian Rogue says:

    Sorry, that up and down camera motion is very disturbing on the eyes.

  18. Damn that some good shit

  19. Jared Breen says:

    Love your vids man. Excellent information and great motivation. Keep up the great content man youve got a new subscriber.

  20. GGEZ 4440 says:

    Once I did pullovers with more weight than I could handle. So when I started moving barbel behind my head I had a few cracking sounds in my chest bone and after that everything was fucked up. For two days I could even barely breathe without feeling pain abd then it dissapeared but now I have weird feeling in my sternum and sometimes I need to pop it before working out. Anyone had similar experience? Keep it up with good work Buff dudes!

  21. That chick in the grey yoga-pants though

  22. Why do I feel like I’m about to collapse anytime I do any sort lunge?

  23. Josh Bennett says:

    Love your guys videos. Keep'em coming!

  24. Seems like windshield wipers would be a good low back stretch at the same time as ab work. Anyone found this to be the case?

  25. 1:21 Sick vans my buff dude

  26. Bojanglesz89 says:

    YATZ FFUB! 💪🏾

  27. Missing the buff bro in these videos. My best to him and both of you'll stay blessed

  28. heroangel20 says:

    Camera man is terrible at the beginning, focusing on this huge guy and not the crazy hot chick in the squat rack. Priorities ppl…

  29. Brian Bull says:

    Love the info and exercises.. the camera work giving me a degree of motion sickness lol I get it, just.. nah.

  30. how was the last exercise a dumbbell exercise??

  31. 1:26 the girls who go to the gym to just post on their stories smh….

  32. Is it possible to complete this program without an adjustable bench?

  33. bi8koto says:

    that pear shaped ass going back and forth caught all the attention and had to check the video 3 times to remember the dumbbell exercises

  34. Deniz OLGUN says:

    hold the camera steady ffs

  35. Is it just normal to everyone that there's a camera or why is nobody sperging out in the back?

  36. Ed Jim Jim says:

    Bryce Harper…is that you ?

  37. Dr Phil says:

    As a poor bastard I only have dumbbells so love these videos. Lose that god damn man bun. No self respecting buff dude should have a fucking man bun.

  38. NTNVLGS VLGS says:

    Btw, didn't you hit on the blonde on the gray leggings ?

  39. NTNVLGS VLGS says:

    Hey man, DB work outs are great for a number of reasons. Great idea on making this series.

  40. Greg O says:

    I'm normally not one for whole-body workouts, but I'm definitely giving this one a try. Great video. 👍

  41. ElCheDeNy 94 says:

    I can feel so much shoulder snaps if i was to do these

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