Intense Ab Workout (Flat Tummy in 1 WEEK) 5 minute Fat Burn

If you want abs FAST, DO THIS WORKOUT. This super INTENSE AB WORKOUT will help you shed belly fat and tone up. It works your lower, upper, and obliques…leaving you with PERFECT ABS! Do twice a day for super fast results 🙂



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38 Responses

  1. Whe she works out she reminds me of Emma chamberlain

  2. Zoe says:

    who else is here from the 2 week summer body video?

  3. Don't come at me I like love her because she always helps me and all of her exercises work for me but whenever she says like "LETS GO" and all of that , all I can think of is, shut the hell up I'm trying to do the workout if you keep on telling me to I'm getting pissed is that just me….. but then again I have anger issues… don't come at me, she's like my favorite YouTuber

  4. o k says:

    man first time doing it and i’m exhausted

  5. Holy crap this is working so well

  6. OK let's see 1 like 1 day of working out 2 times a day

  7. holy shit but it's hard

  8. Yuri-Chan says:

    Heyy i Need some Motivation guys😩 if this gets 15 likes i’ll do this workout twice a Day

  9. A Kh says:

    I’ve done this for 3 days so far and honestly at the rate I’m going, it’ll probably take me 3 weeks to see results lmao bc I can’t do it for the 30 seconds straight, I have to stop at least twice even if it’s for a second
    Today will be day 4, and hopefully I’ll be able to force myself not to stop

  10. Sandra In says:

    You’re currently my favorite YouTuber! Haha you’re so cute I love your energy and vibe ❤️

  11. Abbi Ward says:

    I need to know what this song is called

  12. Just Izzy says:

    I was taking my socks off and she yelled at me saying “LETS GOO”” 😭 😆 😂 💀

  13. Sashal Sings says:

    Did anyone else feel out of breath just watching this while laying in bed ?

  14. Rabab 4946 says:


  15. melissa p says:

    What timer app thingy do you use ?and how do you het your music to change ?? Please amswer

  16. Issa Kyla says:

    I'm 15 and overweight so I tried this to start time lose weight and I been doing this for almost a month and me and family and friends notice a difference I haven't weighed myself cuz I feel that lowers my motivation but I feel more healthy so if youre looking to lose weight this right here is a good start

  17. When u think it’s easy but u give up

  18. Okay, can someone tell me if this actually worked with someone who did this twice a day?

  19. Whoop Whoop says:

    Watches intense workout while sitting on couch and eating fried chicken, fries, and a Starbucks frap

  20. zarii anwar says:

    its hard speciouly the one that youhave to touch your feet while plank

  21. I'm gonna be so sore tomorrow..

  22. Number of likes = number of weeks I'll do this workout every day for

  23. 5 likes: I will drink water everyday for a week no soda
    10 Likes: I’ll give up soda for 3 months
    20 Likes: I’ll give up soda completely
    50 likes: I’ll go for a month without junk food
    80 likes: I won’t eat junk food again
    100 Likes: I’ll go to the gym everyday for at least 3 hours

    I’m always feeling like an outsider all my friends are skinny and I’m not and I feel like if I have motivation then I could actually do it❤️

  24. Day one: I ate so many ramen noodles so I’m cutting down my diet, and changing my calories to 4,000 to 1,000😆

  25. Kyla Frazier says:

    Gonna update everyday for a week :)) (until april 7th)

  26. lilliaaa.x says:

    Day 1:
    Holy shit. Idk how imma do this again.
    Day 2: ngl felt pretty shitty ab myself today, i did it once thismorning and just now before i start doing hwk n stuff, went out for a meal today but i kinda didnt wanna look fat so i had a salad. Im not coping well w my weight atm.

  27. This was hilarious but I am sweating 😂

  28. Riley Jones says:

    5 likes – no soda just water and milk
    10 likes – no chips only crackers
    15 likes – no candy/chocolate
    20 likes – no fried food
    25 likes – more veggies/fruits

  29. 0:32 when the workout starts

  30. •ItsEms• says:

    I’m going to start today and see when I get abs…
    Day 1: it really hurts and I had to pause about 3 times, about to do crutches, c ya tomorrow 😬

  31. wissam Kdm says:

    I just want to know if this workout will make my butt smaller because I don't want that

  32. Motivate me ~~~
    1 like = 1 day without junk food

    I need motivation BADLY

  33. Lina Dreshaj says:

    So i stated this today and i’m gonna update you guys!

    Day 1: i did this today twice and then the 200cruches and after doing it i felt nothing.

  34. I’m gonna try this and I will update you everday for 2 weeks.
    Some info: I eat 5 meals everyday, I’m dancing at a academy and play soccer
    Day 1: I’m tired. Nothing more.

  35. I'm thin but I have tummy fat that shit just won't go away ;_;

  36. Céline says:

    I started today (march 31)
    Day 1 : that shit hurttttt

    I’ll actually update dw

  37. Okay I’m going to update

    I don’t want a flatter stomach my stomach is already flat I just want abs.

    Day one: I can not do flutter kicks I nearly died but I was fine.

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