How-To Fix Muscle Imbalances Using Dumbbells! | Dumbbell Workout Plan P1D3

Buff Dudes Dumbbell Gym or Home Workout Plan

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Over the course of the next 12 weeks I’ll be going through an intense program featuring dumbbells only. Be sure to follow along!!

PHASE 1 – Beginner’s Full Body Dumbbell Gym Workout

Note: In this phase you’ll see that it consists of compound movements that will activate all of the muscles in the body for a full body workout. Whenever starting a new program, it’s good to ease your body into it and slowly increase the overload throughout the microcycle (or macrocycle) to help the body with adaptation while decreasing the chances of overtraining – this of course also depends on your experience levels in weight training.

{before each workout}
cardio warm up: 5 minutes
Mobility drills: 10 – 15 minutes
Rest times: 60 – 90 seconds


Step Ups 3 Sets x 10 Reps (each side)
Single Arm Row 3 Sets x 10 Reps (each side)
Single Arm Press 3 Sets x 10 Reps (each side)
Single Arm Shoulder Press 3 Sets x 10 Reps (each side)

Otis Ups 3 Sets x 15 Reps

That completes day 3 of phase 1. See you next time for PHASE 2, Day 1!


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39 Responses

  1. alpacino187 says:

    Thank you so much, you really helped me alot.

  2. Cliff L says:

    I love your tutorial videos. The only question I have is with the mobility warm ups is how many reps and sets should you do?

  3. Alex says:

    Im starting tomorrow with this program (phase 1 day1) so im checking the first 3 day's to have an idea what to put in my flexibility warm-up drills.

  4. FlankSteak says:

    Hey BuffDude! I've followed pretty much every 12 week plan you guys have come out with from YouTube alone (bulking, cutting, etc) and gotten in fantastic shape from it. It really helps me decide what to do when I go to the gym and I'm always excited to start the next phase when I'm following one of your plans. When is the next phase of the dumbbell only coming out? I've already finished P1 and looking forward to P2. Thanks!

  5. Everyonevhas one side bigger then the other Phil heath has one side bigger then the other. His right side is smaller then his left one side of the brain will always have a stronger connection..

  6. Kirk Skermer says:

    Gotta score me some Buff T shirts

  7. Shafi Azam says:

    Just love to watch your videos and your guidance

  8. Shafi Azam says:

    Waiting for PHASE 2

  9. Chad Miller says:

    The ass at the 10:00 mark is a higher truth.

  10. steelavocado says:

    Jesus Christ the photoshop scared me for a second in the thumbnail

  11. Wens the next part coming out?

  12. John Rhodes says:

    I love doing scorpions exercise. Really opens up the entire anterior chain.

  13. I'd love to see what you might recommend for a guy like myself, who has 2 bulging discs in the very lower spine. I'm hitting the gym this year and I'm just trying to find good workouts to improve my lower back strength and hopefully I can reduce or eliminate my back pain. New here, been watching a ton of vids. Love all the tips and workouts!

  14. Joshua Crisp says:

    On the single arm shoulder press, I hols onto a upright incline bench to stabilise myself.

  15. ElGringo says:

    I’m confused at the lack of views…

  16. I thought the the thumbnail was real smh

  17. john boss says:

    That thumbnail had me dying though 😂

  18. Tato says:

    The thumbnail is me when i'm single.

  19. Dean M says:

    Got the plan following along here also first week it has gone wel…I mean buff! over 9000 buff.

  20. That first one tai chi man

  21. DonnyMcJonny says:

    Came just to rag on that thumbnail. Lmaooo

  22. How do you workout your legs if one leg is taller than the other. I've noticed my left is longer than right and my right calf is bigger than left cause I'm using it more. I also have knee injury on left knee so I'm dealing with that while trying to keep both calfs at the same size.

  23. Tory lanez and Meek in the background 😉

  24. Anonymous says:

    I knew you were small

  25. Why isn’t there a exercise focusing on the biceps? Will it come on phase 2?

  26. Thomas Wall says:

    Hi can you please recommend good dumbbells for your program when training at home. Thanks. Love you stuff

  27. I have a question regarding bulking. Should you eat the same amount of food every day, given that you are working out only four times a week? Or should you eat less the days you are not busting ass in the gym?

  28. Kaiyajin says:

    One of the best workout/fitnesschannels out there imo. Keep it up guys!

  29. What do you do if your left side is developing faster but your right side is way stronger?

  30. BYnijssen says:

    Warming up video

    Great video Brandon&Hudson

  31. I couldn’t concentrate on the video halfway thru with that 🍑 in the background… god bless her

  32. Alfonso G says:

    The thumbnail was disturbing

  33. On the step ups a good variation is to use a barbell instead of dumbbells. I know this is a DB video but with the barbell you get the added load without lowering your center of mass so there's more stability involved.

  34. Cuk world says:

    Hii…. I'm Veera from tamilnadu… Very useful video

  35. Duff Man says:

    Buff dude has become hulk dude

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