A Navy SEAL Shares His Workout Routine For Staying In Amazing Shape

Jocko Willink, a former Navy SEAL commander, host of the “Jocko Podcast,” and the author of “Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual,” explains how he works out to maintain his physique. Following is a full transcript of the video.

Jocko Willink: I’ve pretty much broken down my workouts into four broad spectrums of working out. I’m going to pull on one day, I’m going to push on another day, I’m going to lift on the next day, and I’m going to squat on the final day the fourth day. And I just rotate those things through.

And they’re all based fundamentally on some pretty basic exercises. For pull, it’s based on pull-ups. Doing pull-ups. And you all you need to do pull-ups is a set of rings or a pull-up bar and you can handle that workout. The push is based on push-ups and dips, and all the exercises that are associated with those types of movements.The lifts, for me, are lifting things from the ground over my head. And then finally, squat is based on squatting, and there’s all different kinds of varieties of squats you can do. And I also include in that sprinting and overhead squats, back squats, front squats — all those things get incorporated in when I’m working a leg day.

On top of those four, on a regular basis, I want to train my, my metabolic conditioning. So, I want to do sprinting and running and get my heart rate up for very intense short periods of time.And then on top of that I do “gut” exercises, which is what we call in the SEAL teams when you’re working your “core,” is the trendy term to call it, or sometimes you hear it referred to as abs. But I don’t like those terms. We call it gut. Get some.


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39 Responses

  1. He's got a face only a mother can love

  2. J K says:

    Missing distance running and swimming. Endurance training is better for life and health.

  3. Jocko's podcasts were eyeopening.

  4. This is a waste of a video. Essentially the take home message is to do every major type of exercise. From resistance to cardio. From legs to upper body. Don’t need a Navy Seal to me that.

  5. EC912 says:

    What does this have to do directly with Business?

  6. p246784 says:

    Something wrong with his ears

  7. Ajax Blair says:

    Probably the most badass American I've seen in a while

  8. Adam Huber says:

    Tacky ol straight person! Bruiser!

  9. The more you hurt, the more you heal

  10. D27Rugen says:

    Standing by to GET SOME….

  11. Why should anyone buy the book as he pretty much explained everything?

  12. yeah boii… GET SOME

  13. polynikes9 says:

    Farking Americans

  14. I hate the word core too.

  15. First impression of this guy is him being a dickhead but he seems pretty chill

  16. He reminds me of Kane

  17. Well to be fair squats are based on squatting.

  18. A Lvin says:

    anyone seeing justin y. here? i dont see him.. or maybe i miss it when scroll through comments

  19. Juan Padilla says:

    Stand by to get some:

  20. d byko says:

    democrats cry when they look at this guy……

  21. hbk45boo says:

    Why is he just squatting the bar with no weight? That actually looks abnormal to squat without weights

  22. NanaBanana says:

    Shit he’s scary

  23. FNDG1 says:

    And he is a BJJ black belt and also trains a lot there. Respect Jocko!

  24. Rafael Rafi says:

    It’s always been a gut bc when u stop working out it comes to haunt

  25. Thanks very much jocko willink. I'm looking forward to improving my gut workouts too. Peace

  26. I don't know how much this helps my day to day overall health, but anytime I see a "staircase" of almost any type I will either climb those steps 2 or 3 steps at a time. I have been doing this just about every single day of the year for the last 30 years or so (I'm now 54 years old) and when I was working at each of my last 2 jobs (they lasted almost 17 years combined) I would sometimes need to climb a staircase more than 10 times a day during my shifts.

    If I was to take about 1 month to train for it I could POSSIBLY climb the staircase inside the Washington Monument in Washington DC in less than 3 minutes………?????

  27. I'm going to PULL one day, I'm going to PUSH one day, I'm going to LIFT one day, and I'm going to SQUAT one day

    I take no regrets

  28. Roughman says:

    No exercise for long term stamina like running for a couple of miles? It'll sure decrease your mass and make you lift less, but it'll make you a stamina animal which every soldier/person should really be

  29. Jon R says:

    Good evening Echo.

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