Keto Cooking: Keto Food List

Being on a diet isn’t the easiest thing in the world, especially when you don’t know what you should eat. We’ve put together this ketogenic diet food list to help people out there making decisions on what they are eating and shopping for.

Ketogenic Diet Food List: Everything You Need to Know:

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Everything you need to know about the keto diet:

Getting started? Everything you need is here:

We also make things easy with this 30 day diet plan:


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29 Responses

  1. Wow ' u 're looking aged , but u looks attractive , n godgeous too

  2. Kinkz says:

    Can I eat crawfish 😭😭 I’m a Louisiana baby can someone please answer

  3. Omg her right eye is green and left eye is blue. She's beautiful ❤❤

  4. Skyblaże says:

    Damn you are hot 😕🔥!

  5. Kim Blair says:

    Awesome and informative video! TY

  6. This Diet is fucking bull shit I swear how can eating low proteins and and low carbs and get this HIGH FATS like very high make you lose weight tf please someone explain to me the Keto logic

  7. How about in high cholesterol and uric acid still it is required to eat to much fats???

  8. Julia S. says:

    -sweet potatoes and banana should never be consumed
    -when it comes to beef and pig meat, choose a fattier cut
    -bacon is a Keto favorite

    This should be called the “how to get heart disease fast!” diet. 🙁

    Think whether what you’re eating is feeding disease, or preventing it. This diet appeals to many because it allows you to keep eating many foods you enjoy. I also think it appeals because the science explains your body starts burning fat, which sounds like a good thing when you’re carrying some extra fat around. But long-term effects of Keto should be examined, and there simply isn’t any significant scientific literature that proves long-term Ketosis is safe for humans.

  9. One year on keto, down 70lbs. Keto lifestyle baby!

  10. Very very thankyou gf for tu your kind help…. It helped me a lot

  11. Slick_EM13 says:

    Hey, 1 month ago i said i would try this and come back with results. Im proud to say ive lost 26.7lb and now that i know that i can do it. I plan on losing a bit more and then use what ive learned to make better lifestyle changes. Thanks for the great info. Also 10/10 recommend MyFitnesspal to track Macros.

  12. Some of this stuff just doesn’t sound right

  13. cryptoBall says:

    Should be noted that even high fat milk has about 7g of carbs/ cup

  14. jeneen beard says:

    I've been eating exactly as u posted all my life, as I got into my late 40's I can't seem to rid of extra weight and I eat mostly salads

  15. Mark Dyson says:

    Fatty cuts of meat and fish are not always the best choice, since toxins are stored in fat cells. It's better to add healthier vegetable fats to leaner cuts of meat.

  16. Opel Aurora says:

    I really don't think I could survive without rice, potatoes, and fruit

  17. i have found this interesting my mother informed me about this diet and me being in high school want to appeal to the desire of the yong ladies at my school i am now willing to try it and want my 260 to be down to 210 (healthy for my height) by August because school (next year is senior year) starts in September, so i thank you for the advise as in 2 days my parents get our food stamps and i will get the necessary consumables for this diet.

  18. aina opeyemi says:

    I don't have 95% of this foods in my country

  19. FitB4IGetOld says:

    I don't understand all of these stories about the weight loss. I tried this diet and lost nothing. My doctor says to do it with less fat and it MIGHT work.

  20. Becky B says:

    Hard liquors?????? 😳

  21. tacy s'tacy says:

    i love this diet its super healthy..😍😍

  22. My head is spinning…. I'm confused

  23. Im always hungry. Im sure the marijuana has somethin to do with it..

  24. Albert Yang says:

    What a great vid. Thank you.

  25. COOL GIRL says:

    Can somebody pls tell me if can have lemon water while on keto diet??
    What about some honey, jaggery,milk ???

  26. Chris Slayer says:

    I giggled when you said “Choose hard liquor” with such a perky smile.

  27. Tuned- VXR says:

    Papa John's pizza add 🙈😅

  28. SiMoN SeZ says:

    I lost a lotta weight already..My wallet feels a lot lighter than when I began watching this video…ahh! Hard Liquor to the rescue

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