Crunchless Abs Workout – Crunch Free Ab Workout Routine

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24 Responses

  1. Great workout! Thank you for posting this..I did feel this more in my arms though, rather than my core. xDD

  2. I will start today this, plus eating healthy, drinking enough water and 30 of cardio 🌱 i will be updating.
    I also want to loss weight 😪

    1. IT WAS HARD. I dont use to do any kind of exercise so i literally felt this 😣

  3. Surya Suresh says:

    Thanks a lot fitness blender… for this is what I am looking for…

  4. lupa says:

    wait these are juste the same move that crunches are, but standing up

  5. This is a great warm up!

  6. is it ok if i do this exercises after a c section,its been 7 months? thanks for the videos <3

  7. Caleb Dara says:


  8. blablabla says:

    dont be offended but if you´re using comic sans one more time in a workout video ill murder you! 😉

  9. Good addition to the workout.

  10. How do you keep your core muscles contracted? Do you have to hold your breath?

  11. Realist says:

    This video is a favorite. I love it! There's no floor work, it doesn't hurt my neck and back and it's effective. I love these two people for making these great videos!

  12. Not Jayy says:

    As a 11 year old I bet that this wouldn’t work

  13. what does 'crunchless' mean?

  14. aya k says:

    while i was doing this work out my arms hurt grew sore but now my back (between my shoulder blades) hurts as hell, i can't even sit painlessly
    just a warning – if you're new, you might not want to push yourself very far

    on a positive note: thanks for being there, fitness blender! i enjoy your other routines a lot 🙂

  15. Woot! I did these a few years ago helped me a heck of a lot! Can't wait to get back in the groove of this! Thank you!

  16. Ruth Aondona says:

    How often should you do this workout and can it be considered cardio as well?

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