Everything You Need to Know About the Keto Diet

This high-fat, high-protein, and low-carb eating plan is sweeping the nation. Our keto dream team shows you how to turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

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20 Responses

  1. LucRits says:

    That don’t call because of keto

    They call because of NUTS

  2. No sir I think you're wrong, carrots are allowed in keto 😉

  3. Meharaj Kazi says:

    Keto pizza is helpful or not??

  4. Protein rich fats right? It seems like the Atkins all over again

  5. MsMegasharon says:

    I have seen so many diets come and go. Always well balanced diet is the best. The key is portion control.

  6. Bill Holder says:

    My weight has gone down because of this ketoweightlosspill.com

  7. Why the heck did they clap for Brazil nuts? So other nuts are not good enough? Eesh if you eat fat, you get ldl cholesterol, just ask your normal doctor before doing this crap.
    Is this guy pretending to be wizard of Oz???

  8. Janivi v says:

    When did Dr. Oz go blonde ? 😂

  9. Rob Davidson says:

    I doubt high fat is a good idea if you already have a fatty liver!And sweet are tasty if limit them!Fruits and veggies healthiest… With occasional meats! Nuts are good peanuts not so good!Clappaty clap clap!

  10. Leisurediet.com is what you've been looking for

  11. Joel Blake says:

    Weight loss experts are trying to hide this: Leisurediet.com

  12. Lindi Botha says:

    Not just a diet, definitely a lifestyle change for the better. Link to @t cookbooks for Keto desserts and breads. Awesome!

  13. No apples and carrots? Double clap.

  14. I lost 20lbs in 3 months. All I did was reduce my carb intake by I say 80%.
    I don’t eat sandwiches. Pasta ,rice , potatoes a very small portion. No cake.
    Only ice cream, cheese cake, pie mainly the filling. One day a week I will be more liberal
    A cup of pasta,rice,potatoe, and one slice of pizza. A. Sliver of cake or a couple of cookies.
    I never measure or count anything. So my stomach capacity has shrunk. I am satisfied
    with less food. Also my sugar cravings have diminished. I really do not deprived my
    self of anything. I don’t call it a diet I call it just a way of eating.
    One more important thing. Do not let anyone your family your friends know what you are
    doing. They will never know because you will still be eating. Yes stuffing yourself
    with protein, veggies, and fruit. Otherwise they may tease you. So it’s just our secret.❤️😎

  15. Mina a says:

    does stephani have a youtube ?

  16. Jesus all these extreme diets, just eat balanced and small portions and 3 smallish meals a day and excerise,

  17. No Dr. Oz, it doesn't "throw us docs off". Some of us understand this.

  18. You will lose weight fast if you are taking these keto pills todaysbesthealthnews.com in 3 weeks I been able to lose 17 pounds .

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