5 MUST DO BACK EXERCISES | Honestly the best!

Hey Lovely people

These are the best 5 exercise you must do on back day! Focus on contraction and please focus on FORM not lifting heavy!!!!

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48 Responses

  1. ebbdiggy1 says:

    What were you drinking? Thanks for sharing

  2. Jorge Fraga says:

    You are so gorgeous

  3. Sherie Mae says:

    Hi, I just finish watching your video. Thank you so much for sharing your back exercises. Now, I have Idea what to do the next time I do my back day. And another thing I want to say to you. I notice when I am looking at video that you look a like Miss Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018. When you smile you look a lot like her. Beautiful face and smile. Very sweet.

  4. amazing ktty says:

    Not trying to be rude, but could you get to the point faster? Nice on explaining each exercise though that helped

  5. Annie B says:

    I was going to go straight to Athleanx as usual but decided to give this a try and these are great, I'll do them today, I need to freshen up my back workout thanks for sharing. I agree its not about going very heavy but actually using the muscles you are trying to build.

  6. katiee21 xox says:

    On the lat pull downs im pretty sure youre supposed to lean back to get a better contraction

  7. Garfit Gar says:

    Latisimus dorsi romboids traps low back teirs minor majoy

  8. do they ever stop talking omg get to the POINT

  9. I love this video! I had been dying to try some more targeted workouts but I was kind of intimidated by the free weights side. I overcame that today and I feel great! I’m a fan!!

  10. A millz says:

    Aww thx for the video, shout out to painting dad n cooking mom 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  11. Do you 2 categories a day ???

  12. Gee Tee says:

    Botox is a helluva drug!

  13. Mayerly Lara says:

    I’m loving your back workout positivity. Go back gains!!!!!!

  14. FanASStik says:

    That ass is fine.

  15. Jb Jb says:

    nice work out but what's the music in the background at 2:20?

  16. Epi Moleli says:

    how many set of different ab workouts would you recommend on ab day.?

  17. Sean Harper says:

    I prefer to do a whole body work out rather than a specific area, never quite understood working on one body part a day when I can work on everything 5 days a week and get better gains.

  18. Don't do bent over rows, you will do your back in. Do seated rows.

  19. H.h. Verma says:

    wow…. u looking osm

  20. vincent fave says:

    No he was like leave me alone I'm painting.

  21. l r says:

    Great video, u look really hot, but u need to talk less….OMG!!! What's with all the extra at the beginning???

  22. David Dez says:

    Since I've started watching your videos my erections have improved greatly, thanks so much i mean it, god bless

  23. Great video but the lat pull down needs a little lean back

  24. Lovely form. 👍🏻

  25. black hair is sooo gorgeous on uuu 😭 i love the blonde hair but the black hair is insanely beautiful on u !!

  26. How many reps do you recommend on doing per exercise?

  27. Baby shake that ass shake that pumpkin pie 🙈

  28. I would totally do her.

  29. Great exercises! Can’t wait to try them all.

  30. Tej Bagh says:

    Hey u r so beautiful

  31. Great video but don't forget that leaning back while doing lat pull downs has its purpose. For example, it helps the mind muscle connection like you were talking about on the last excersize. I've noticed having your back straight uses more bicep during the eccentric portion.

  32. Men neglects leg workout and i guess women neglects upper body workout?

  33. Omg she’s adorable

  34. Bjmw Kids says:

    How about you just drive ur fucking car before you kill someone!!!

  35. fantastic . you look beautiful. these exercises are great and your form fluid and perfect . ill add them to the repetoire . Keep up the great work .

  36. Kelly Carter says:

    can you list the exercises with number of reps in description for reference pls

  37. how am I just discovering your channel??? Love your energy! Subscribed ✅

  38. Thanos says:

    nice ass. so what is this video even about?

  39. Cara Stone says:

    "The back" is not one muscle

  40. Any home alternatives or other machines that could be used

  41. Eunji Jo says:

    She so beautiful💕

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