The 10-Minute Lean Body Workout You Can Do At Home

Follow along with fitness trainer Obi Obadike, actor Morris Chestnut and Dr. Oz through a short workout routine featuring high knees, mountain climbers, and push-ups.

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9 Responses

  1. Mank Demes says:

    lmaoo horrible workout

  2. Hey viewers…. visit this also change your mind…


  4. Yay I just blew my knees out ….thanks …should’ve just played basketball.

  5. Have a show for seniors who want to get fit but have exercises for their age group

  6. Wow! Way to go with the press ups doc 😆

  7. Rosa Solis says:

    Me gusta mucho los rips del dr Oz …Ojalá lo subieran en español. ..saludos

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