Exercises for PERKIER BOOBS // No SURGERY Breast Lift Chest Workout

Here are some exercises for perkier boobs! This workout will help you LIFT & SHAPE YOUR chest – it is like a breast lift without surgery. Remember – this will not make them bigger, it will just lift your boobs. SHOP WOMEN’S BEST: https://womens.best/Vickyjustiz & use code VICKY10 – GET ALL THE NEW protein bar flavors before they RUN OUT!

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32 Responses

  1. Hi vicky love ur workouts
    I must ask this
    Where can i get those pants what is the name of them?
    Plz reply i really inlove with them

  2. Vicky Justiz says:

    There seem to be a few misconceptions here so PLEASE READ THIS before commenting
    1. the FIRST thing I say in this video is that YOU CANNOT increase your breast SIZE through exercise.
    2. Doing these exercises targets your CHEST MUSCLES which lie underneath your breast tissue. Your breast tissue is ATTACHED to your chest muscle. Lifting & sculpting your chest muscle will help lift & sculpt your boobs… because they are attached.

    Thank you for coming to this anatomy class.

  3. It's nice ideas of workouts thanks dear Vicky

  4. Hello there laddies
    I did the workout and my chest feels different and so do my shoulders, during the workout I could feel the muscles working…
    Day 1: I did 20 wall pushups
    30 arm pull overs (using a heavy textbook)
    50 arm criss crosses
    30 arm raises using a thick pillow, and I repeated it 2 times…. Will be back with another update tomorrow…
    And who else did this workout? Post your results as well… #perkierboobs #letsgetit #thanksVicky

  5. protein bars don't work everyone knows that they are the biggest rip off!

  6. lucia may says:

    wowooowwwwww….vicky so sexy

  7. Like when you switch to your serial killer voice

  8. Man most beautiful woman on YouTube hands down!!

  9. why is that all the fit girls on social media had boob job ??? that make them so less reliable !!

  10. Mam 1st viewer. This workout breast increase plzzzzz reply mam

  11. Haneef D says:

    I’m a chocoholic so those bars are for me 😍😍😍
    This workout is just for me too! But now I have to work on my upper body strength😫😫😫

  12. Does this get you a muscular chest? Because I do not want that.

  13. guys this wont work. im honestly disappointed to see vicky promoting such garbage
    boobs are literally just fat,they hv no muscle so u dont lift them. the only thing that could lift saggy breasts are surgery. but theres nothing wrong w saggy breasts, they re beautiful

  14. Shy Laurel says:

    Your boobs looks so natural omg. Wouldn’t thought that you have breast implants 😍

  15. The burn is REAL😭😭😭 I love it😆

  16. Hey Vicky! Fantastic video! I also love your mission for 10 full push-ups! They are my favorite exercise so I always enjoy seeing other women working on them. I would love to give you some tips to work on them, with different variations that help build up the strength. And maybe you could even turn them into a video to help your followers. Hope you read this – if you do, reply here or send me a DM on IG (juliatrentino)

  17. ROKA Ezzat says:

    Is this workout effective as I tried it and feels it's so easy to do?

  18. teb yan says:

    Thanks 😚😚😚😚

  19. νι¢ку fуиℓу 😂

  20. Karol 100 says:

    Vicky perk this girls up lol

  21. Lily W says:

    I love the fact she can't do push ups, I always felt self conscious that I can't do them (hanging around with men who like to do them one handed) but the fact she runs a fitness channel and is still doing wall push ups makes me feel better

  22. Love this!!❤️ where is your bra from btw?? Looks bomb on you!

  23. I am definetely going to add it to my upper body workout routine. Loved the video. Your sports bra is gorgeous. Love you and love your channel.

  24. Thanks a lot miss gorgeous vicky Justiz.. This is a good day for my wife..

  25. Ray Gar says:

    How many times should we do this?

  26. Mia Miles says:

    Girl… i swear i needed this 👏🏾👏🏾

  27. Lis Torres says:

    I need this !!! Mine are almost down to my belly button 😞😭😭

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