FAST Walking in 30 minutes | Fitness Videos

30 minutes of fast walking everyday is so HEALTHY!

Make a HEALTHY CHOICE today and WALK with us! We will keep the PACE for you! You just have to move those feet to the BEAT! Let’s WALK!

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Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home
Walk at home workout
Walking workout
Walking workouts

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26 Responses

  1. Just finished this walking workout .This is so good and very motivating. Keep them coming.

  2. Enjoyed this workout very much

  3. Q aburrida clase…. Marcha.. Marcha y más marcha

  4. Thank you Leslie! It's the third days of my walking and I've lost 1kg. I'm with you forever!! Smiles from Armenia

  5. I Love walking with you Leslie … From Egypt 🙂

  6. brit reid says:

    How many calories does this burn?

  7. والله عجبني التمر ين والمدربة قمة في الاداء🤩😍😍😍🤗🤗

  8. Hey 😀🙌 I aced the Treadmill on 5-15-2019 -Stress Test. Tech told me to slow down I was out running the Treadmill 😂😂😂. She could not believe my age – 66 etc. My husband said I looked like the 6 Million Dollar Man on the Treadmill. He got a little nervous because I had a Heart attack in 2015. Tech told him I was doing great and EKG machine was showing good signs. Thanks to the Heavenly Father and Mrs. Leslie Sansone's WalkAtHome YouTube. Lost 5lbs 😂😅 gotta really step away from pasta and bread. I am into 55 days NO SUGAR AND NO SWEET DESERTS ETC. AFTER THE BREAD AND PASTA 30 days free it will be Meat. All except Fish. Y'ALL say a little Prayer for me. 🙌🙌🙌🙌I CAN DO THIS. PHILIPPIANS 4:13 KJV

  9. Love you Leslie, you are my inspiration.

  10. 13,2 pounds (6kg.) lost in two months!!! Yuuuupppiii!!! Thank you Leslie and wonderful team…

  11. B K says:

    Y is the cool off not complete?!😕

  12. Freeda Mary says:

    Hi Leslie I started walking a month back I am so happy I cannot do much in my hands after my accident but after I found ur video seriously I am enjoying it I feel I am one among u guys my fav is kicks u r changing my life Leslie ❤️ u

  13. Thank you, i really enjoyed getting back to walking! This is easy to follow and easy on the joints. Looking forward to more waking workouts with you Leslie. Happy walking! 🙂

  14. Thank you Leslie and Team♥️💕♥️

  15. Each day I walk with you… feel so great…thank you Leslie 😘😃

  16. Isa Bermudez says:

    Nice workout at home!!! I really enjoy this videos because Nick!!!!

  17. carry dampha says:

    Tryin to get rid of tummy what are your recommendations

  18. Name Game says:

    This was a good workout I have 2 dvd,s by Leslie but don't sweat 😓 like I did with this video.

  19. Meena aju says:

    Walk!! Walk!! Walk!!……..watching from India

  20. Sunrise2day says:

    Has anyone lost weight doing her walk workouts and if so how much and how long did it take you to lose?

  21. Derya Toy says:

    Bide hayrına şunü türkçeye çeviren olsa daha iyi olacak ama varmı öyle kendine güvenen biri.Bol bol dua ederim valla.

  22. Monique P says:

    Approximately 3000 steps on Fitbit 😊

  23. I did this the other day holy moly what a good workout

  24. Resma John says:

    Will this help to reduce arm fat?

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