20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT | At Home & Equipment Free!

A full body workout to get you sweating and muscles burning in only 20 MINUTES!
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20 Responses

  1. MadFit says:

    Hope you guys enjoyed this routine! Do you like the longer ones?? Tell me below!

  2. Threelly AI says:

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  3. tae my love says:

    I tried this just now and I am SWEATING..

  4. you almost killed me so im liking and subscribing.

  5. Thank you Maddie!!

  6. You rock! Love your workouts!

  7. I really enjoy this workout. once I get my husband out the door and my daughter ready I only have 25-30 mins so this is a great video for a full body workout with limited about of time.

  8. Done. Great….trank you

  9. pawprint9643 says:

    I actually really enjoyed this. I could feel my whole body being challenged but the exercises were varied and short enough I didn’t get bored or lose motivation. The proof is in the sweat lol. It’s hard for me to go to a gym or go for a run away from the house so something like this that’s easily done inside and requires no equipment is so great and I thank you for this video! I feel like I haven’t wasted my time and this work out left my body feeling good!

  10. When you watch it for the first time you say "hey how hard is this going to be I think I can do it" when you finish the workout you are like "this was hard af"! Amazing!! 😍

  11. Miu Chi Chan says:

    Can this workout help burning fat???

  12. Love it! Honestly was surprised i made it mostly all the way through. Definitely incorporating this into my workout schedule!!

  13. Madamme Bae says:

    Omg loved this workout so much. I haven't sweated this much in a long time

  14. On a towel, in my hotel room doing this awesome workout!👍👍

  15. Sara Fischer says:

    There were some workouts I couldnt do (some for lack of ability like the obliques, but some wouldve just annoyed my downstairs neighbors lol) but overall it was a great video that got me sweating!

  16. Wendy Butler says:

    I like this one! I typically like at least an hour but just didn’t feel like an hour today bc I’ve kind of been a lazy bum today. This workout made me feel like I accomplished something good for myself. Thank you 😊

  17. bethdams1 says:

    I’ve been doing workouts like this everyday for about a week and my thing was not being able to do quick bicycle crunches, just c o u l d n o t do them, on the first day I was wobbling all over the place and now I’m so much more stable!!! Being able to see progression as you’re working out is astonishing and only makes you want to do it more and more!!!

  18. Daisy Cat101 says:

    The last bit was tortureeee i thought the mountain climbers were the last ones!!

  19. You’re crazy !!! I loved it ahaha I’ll definitely repeat this tomorrow 🙂 thanks!

  20. I always searching for quick workouts and this one was intense!

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